30 Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make – Valentines, Easter & More (Free)

Decorating our homes with various 3D prints is nothing new. However, finding the right options may pose a serious challenge at times. As you already know, you can find just the right options here!

Let me help you get in the holiday mood with these amazing holiday prints that you can make today. Let’s go!

Finding some of the best holiday 3D prints can be difficult at times, so I decided to put together a nice list that people can use year-round as a way to quickly get some awesome holiday ideas to create.

Many of these are gifts, decorations, or just cool gadgets that you can make at the right time of year. So stay tuned and find your closest holiday to make something for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or whoever you have in mind!

Valentine’s Day (Feb)

1. Rose with Stem & Thorns & Sepals & Hip for Valentine’s Day

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Rose with Stem, Thorns, Sepals & Hips - 3D Printerly

You can’t go wrong with a rose for Valentines day, but this isn’t just the rose, it has plenty added items along with it. 3D printing this model should be pretty easy. It’s a really cool idea to give to a loved one on this special day.

Everything can be printed at 0.2mm layer height, 10% infill, without any raft.

Created by kresty

2. Heart Wings Cookie Cutter (Valentine’s Day Collection)

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Heart Wings Cookie Cutter - 3D Printerly

This is another easy to 3D print gift for your loved one (s). It is not just a gift they’ll do away with, but one that will come in handy when you need them.

Created by OogiMe

3. iLove U Signal for iPhone

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - iLove U Signal for iPhone - 3D Printerly

Are you tired of always having to tell your partner how much they mean to you? With this 3D print, you can have it framed on a wall for them as a constant reminder.

Created by Dalpek

4. Pet Monster Valentine

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Pet Monster Valentine - 3D Printerly

This 3D model consists of a pet monster and a sturdy base, making for a great home or tabletop decoration and a great addition to your lover’s 3D collections.

Created by Andreas

5. Valentine’s Day Blooming Flower Gift Box

Printing this model is very easy. Only remember to use a flat blade screwdriver to free the base from the rotating collar after printing.

Created by FragrantAbyss

St. Patrick’s Day (March)

6. Pendant – Celtic Dragonfly

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Pendant - Celtic Dragonfly - 3D Printerly

This pendant is weightless and has a stylish design. It can be worn around easily and it won’t take much time to 3D print.

Created by blah_59

7. Irish Pot of Gold

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Irish Pot of Gold - 3D Printerly

The model has two handles and it is more than just a decoration. It can be used for keeping small items as well as coins. It is easy and fun to print, as most users opined.

Created by muzz64

Mother’s Day (May)

8. Mother’s Day Sculpture

A beautiful 3D printed gift for mothers on this amazing day, serving as a constant reminder we are proud of them. It might be a small gift to you, but to them, it could mean a lot.

Created by MakePrintable

9. Mother’s Day 4X6 Picture Frame

A special gift for keeping favorite picture. They say gifts that remain for a long time are usually the best. This thoughtful and unique 3D printed picture frame is a great present.

Created by hrttele

10. Mother’s Day: Mother and Child Earrings

Another easy to print gift option to present moms for their amazing support through all the years. They are easy to assemble and can easily substitute for necklaces.

Created by SubSite

11. MOM Gimbal – Print In Place

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - MOM Gimbal - Print in Place - 3D Printerly

A great 3D printed present for moms that’s based on an original design by Bluebie. One user printed it successfully with a 0.02mm layer height in pink PLA on a Printrbot Metal Simple.

Created by DesignMakeTeach

Father’s Day (June)

12. Watch and Bracelet Stand

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Watch & Bracelet Stand - 3D Printerly

Created by muzz64

Most dads out there have at least a watch or two, so how about we 3D print something nice and functional that your father can actually use. This Watch and Bracelet Stand is a great 3D model for Father’s Day, giving the ability to provide an adjustable and convenient solution.

13. Father’s Day Sculpture

Similar to the Mother’s Day Sculpture, this one shows the strength and support that a father shows to a child. This is a great reminder and gift to a dad that they can appreciate. Ironically, it doesn’t need supports to print!

Created by MakePrintable

14. Father’s Day Mug

The trusty Father’s Day Mug, but with a 3D printed twist to it. You could even split the model and print the handle in another color, then superglue it back on.

Created by nerdgrind

Easter (March/April)

15. Easter Eggs

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Easter Eggs - 3D Printerly

These Easter Eggs are perfect for Easter, giving you all types of options and designs that you probably have never seen before. They are a really cool idea and gift to give family and friends for decorations and fun.

I’d recommend printing these in some bright colors.

Created by Antonin_Nosek

16. Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny - 3D Printerly

This is an easy to print and decorative design that is useful during the Easter season. Its flip-top head allows you to load chocolate Easter eggs that run around the back and out the bottom at the front.

Several users love just how intuitive and creative this model is, so I’d definitely try one of these out yourself when the time is right.

Created by muzz64

17. Ducky The Lob Eared Bunny

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Ducky The Lob Eared Bunny - 3D Printerly

This next model is designed in memory of Ducky the Lob Eared Bunny. Though made of plastic, it comes out cute and lovely, adding style to your decorations, or great as a gift.

Created by yeg3d

Independence Day (4th July)

18. 4th of July American Flag Coozie

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - 4th of July American Flag Coozie - 3D Printerly

A 4th of July American Flag Coozie/Holder is a great gift for the occasion. You can either place a standard-sized can in there or use it as a pencil/sharpie holder, or you can print multiple and both!

Created by UrbanAtWork

19. 4th of July Eagle Statue

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - 4th of July Eagle Statue - 3D Printerly

This free 3D printable bald Eagle statue is a pretty cool gift option to mark Independence Day. It doesn’t require any supports to print. One user actually printed this model in red, white and blue by pausing the printer and changing the filament out, turning out pretty nicely.

Created by MakePrintable

20. Bald Eagle Bottle Opener

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Bald Eagle Bottle Opener - 3D Printerly

This Bald Eagle Bottle Opener is perfect for cracking open all those beers, and can still be used year round to remind you of Independence Day. I’d recommend printing this in either ABS or PETG for better strength.

Make sure to have a good wall thickness to improve durability. The designer recommends getting a thin layer of hard material like aluminum to cover the beak for longer term use.

Created by Warpaint

Halloween (October)

21. Jackie Jack-o-Lantern

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Jackie Jack-o-Lantern - 3D Printerly

This Jack-o-Lantern model is a hit for Halloween, down to the detail and scare factor. You can fit a nice candle or small light inside this 3D printed Halloween prop to really bring it to life.

Created by BirdBott

22. Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer - 3D Printerly

Combining a pumpkin and a spider for this Halloween treat is such a nice idea. It won’t take too long to print, and can be printed with just 10% infill successfully. The main model has over 200,000 downloads, a very popular model.

Created by Megawillbot

23. Skull Lamps – Voronoi Style

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Skull Lamps - Voronoi Style - 3D Printerly

This 3D model is pretty cool for Halloween. It can be painted to your standards. You can even make a time-lapse for the print. Add an LED after printing and watch your skull lamp come to life.

Created by Shiuan

24. Low Poly Mask

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Low Poly Mask - 3D Printerly

Everyone loves a scary costume during Halloween. Why not treat your loved ones to this 3D printed mask that comes in two styles: black lines and faint lines. It’s simple, but effective as a Halloween costume.

Created by kongorilla

Thanksgiving (November)

25. Simple Turkey Puzzle

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Simple Turkey Puzzle - 3D Printerly

The Simple Turkey Puzzle model is a nice touch to give yourself or others a challenge with a Thanksgiving theme. The kids will definitely love trying to figure out this puzzle. The pieces can be assembled to come together to create a Thanksgiving Turkey.

After putting it together, it can be used as a nice interior decoration.

Created by corben33

26. Silly Little Turkey Model

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Silly Little Turkey Model - 3D Printerly

If you need something stylish, something that can be used as a decoration, and just a fun Thanksgiving-themed model. The Silly Little Turkey Model can be 3D printed fairly easily.

You can even print one model for each person. One user said they printed 20 different Silly Turkeys for each person in their household.

Created by Davebob3

27. Thanksgiving Dinner Snap-Out

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Thanksgiving Dinner Snap-Out - 3D Printerly

This 3D printed snap-out features a live turkey, a cooked turkey, a cornucopia, a cranberry sauce, a pie, a wishbone, a gravy boat, and a pilgrim hat- all reminiscent of the thanksgiving season.

Created by 3DBROOKLYN

Christmas (Dec)

28. Holiday Christmas Deer

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Holiday Christmas Deer - 3D Printerly

These Holiday Christmas Deer are a great decoration and gift idea for the Christmas period.

Created by yeg3d

29. Christmas Tree (Now with Lamp Base)

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Christmas Tree With Lamp Base - 3D Printerly

Everyone loves the Christmas tree and people go to great lengths to acquire one. A 3D printed Christmas Tree with Lamp Base is a great addition and decoration to have around your home to add to the Christmas spirit.

It’s designed to be printed with a single wall in vase mode or the “Spiralize Outer Contour” setting in Cura.

Created by idig39

30. Labyrinth Gift Box

Holiday 3D Prints You Can Make - Labyrith Gift Box - 3D Printerly

This Labryrinth Gift Box from Thingiverse is a great Christmas gift for anyone who enjoy a little bit of a puzzle. Kids will love this because it takes them time to get what mystery is inside, making them put their minds to getting their gifts.

Rather than giving them gifts that are quick to open, this one will take some time and is an enjoyable task to complete.

Created by sneakypoo

You made it to the end of the list! Hopefully you found it useful for your 3D printing journey.

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