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How to 3D Print Miniatures on an FDM 3D Printer (9 Steps)

Being able to 3D print miniatures on an FDM 3D printer is something that many people wonder how to get right. There are different methods and tips you’ll want to know to get it done in the best way. To 3D print miniatures on an FDM 3D printer, download a model, import the STL file…


7 Best 3D Print Tolerance Tests

Tolerance in 3D printing is the acceptable difference/deviation from the actual value of a parameter. For example, most 1.75mm 3D printing filaments mention a tolerance of ±0.02mm. This means that the size can range between 1.73mm to 1.77mm. To 3D print models with high accuracy and precision, minimize the tolerance as much as possible by…


How to 3D Print a Doll of Yourself (7 Steps)

Everybody loves to take pictures but it is a lot more fascinating to have a 3D printed doll of yourself. This could be a model of your whole body or just a 3D selfie of your face. 3D Scanning and photogrammetry are the best methods for creating a digital model and then 3D printing it….


How to Scale a 3D Printed Helmet or Mask (8 Steps)

Scaling is essential for a perfect fit if you want to make custom-fit helmets or masks for cosplay, Halloween, or fun. That is why I wrote this step-by-step guide to walk you through scaling 3D-printed helmets or masks. To scale a 3D printed helmet or mask, download its 3D model and Cosplay Calipers from Thingiverse….


How to Make Articulated 3D Prints – Design (4 Steps)

Making articulated prints is a perfect way to sharpen your 3D printing skills, whether you’re a seasoned expert or a beginner. Many people think that it is reserved for skilled users only. However, that is not true. That is why I wrote this article to guide you through the process. To make articulated 3D prints,…

7 Best 3D Printed Drones – Free Downloads

Drones have become highly popular in this day and age and many 3D printing hobbyists wonder what the best 3D printed drones are. That’s why I wrote this article, to show you the 7 best 3D printed drones out there. The 7 best 3D printed drones are NanoLongRange, TinyTina 90mm, XL-RCM 10.0 PIXXY, ARS-5 V1.0…


How to Make 3D Printed Earrings – 6 Steps

3D printing is getting more popular by the day, making designing and crafting unique earrings more possible. I understand it can be tricky if you’re a newbie. That is why I wrote this article to guide you through the process of 3D printing your own earrings. To make 3D print earrings, gather the necessary supplies,…


How to Make 3D Printed Jewelry – 4 Steps

Many users who get into 3D printing are interested in being able to 3D print jewelry, be it for personal or commercial use, but are unsure of how to do it. That’s why I wrote this article, to teach people how to make 3D printed jewelry. To make 3D printed jewelry, you’ll need to choose…


How to 3D Print an Iron Man Suit – 8 Steps

If you’re an Iron Man fan, you’ve, at one point, wanted to own an Iron Man suit. The downside is these suits are pretty expensive. However, you can create one for yourself at a relatively cheaper price through 3D printing. That is why I wrote this article to guide you through the process. To 3D…