51 Cool, Useful, Functional 3D Printed Objects That Actually Work

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3D printers…love them or hate them, but admit that in the right hands, they can do some really great things. Whether you are looking for things to 3D print when bored, wondering what you can make with a 3D printer at home, or simply want to make something productive that serves a purpose, you are definitely in the right place.

I’ve scoured the web in search of some of the most useful, cool, functional 3D printed objects that are out there, created by your average Joes and Sallies and some professionals, so pucker up and let’s get right into the list!

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1. Peep Hole Cover

The video below shows a design a 3D printer user made which gives you the ability to cover your peep hole. Its functionality is very simple, yet effective.

Peep Hole Cover from functionalprint

2. To Do List Stencil

3D Printed Stencil

Created by Chillhaus

3. Trigonometry Axes Stencil

This was made to help draw axes quicker for trigonometry homework. You could use a ruler, but this is way cooler!

Trigonometry Graph Stencil

Created by Kirbesh

4. Arthritis Assistance Tool

My girlfriend’s grandmother has severe arthritis and can’t squeeze those buttons anymore. from functionalprint

Massive amounts of brownie points gained here!

5. Wrench Extension Tool

Had to tighten three screws on a chair that were difficult to reach. This worked great! from functionalprint


6. Dotted Line Ruler

View post on imgur.com

Created by Mrexcon

7. A lightbulb

The STL has instructions on how to set this up. It’s fairly complicated and requires a fair bit of items.

A lightbulb. from functionalprint

Created by Mas0n8or

8. Notepad & Pen Inbox

Solution to my neighbour frequently shoving scrunched up written notes into my door from functionalprint

Not the usual use that I would’ve thought of but to each his own!

Created by Zeiphon

9. Chick-fil-A Sauce Cupholder

Chick-fil-A Sauce Cupholder

A president in the making…

We also have a few remixes for different cars!

Created by maker__guy

10. The MorningRod: Smart Curtain Rod

Update: Smart Curtain Rod – Now with 1 motor and on Thingiverse from functionalprint

In total, this cost the user $99 for the kit which can be found here. It’s fairly complicated, but there is an in-depth guide on how to get this done here. It’s a very productive model that works great.

Created by dfrenkel

11. Battery Size Converter – AA to C

My ancient beard trimmer seems to suck the life out of C size batteries. I made an adaptor so I can use AA size rechargeables. from functionalprint

This functional print was used because the user had rechargeable AA batteries and a beard trimming device was using up the usual C batteries way too quickly.

Created by Rumbleytum

12. Phone Lockbox for the Morning Alarm

Lockbox for my morning alarm. I put the key in my freezer every night. Changed my mornings! from functionalprint

Need less distraction at night and more motivation getting up in the morning? This user created a very useful solution! Simply lock your phone in this lockbox and put the key in another room. Now you can only turn the alarm off by getting out of bed. A great idea!

Created by snackob

13. Tesla Cyber Truck Doorstop

Tesla Cyber Truck Doorstop 3D Printed

Elon Musk would be proud of this one. It even has an added effect of broken glass!

Created by The_Vaping_Demon

14. Spare Coolant Cap

Fiancé called me in tears because she lost her coolant cap somewhere in the engine compartment, with an important trip tomorrow. 32 minutes later… from functionalprint

Maybe not a long-term solution but an amazing temporary one.

15. Hand-Screw Clamp

Speaks for itself really. Takes some assembly, works well.

Created by jakejake

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16. Replacement Tool Handle

Broke the neighbors tool…. Maybe they won’t notice from functionalprint

This user accidentally broke his neighbor’s tool so with some quick thinking and printing, he made a replacement. Would you notice the difference?

Created by giantturtledev

17. Key Holder Card

View post on imgur.com

A very functional print to keep your key safe in your wallet!

Created by BillieRuben

18. Clothespin for Rod/Bar (14mm)

3D Printed Clothespin for Rod & Bars

Many times your clothespins get broken so here’s a nice solution. A neat little print to hold stuff up in your bathroom, or even for people who develop film at home and need to hang it dry.

Created by Plasticpat

19. Modular Screwdriver Kit Holder for PegBoard

I am stupidly proud of my screwdriver kit holder! from functionalprint

Very nicely designed and functional.

20. Cable Clip Holder (7-10mm clips)

[OC] Simple cable clip holder from functionalprint

Created by sjostedt

21. DSLR Lens Cap Replacement

DSLR lens caps are about $10-15 to replace. This one was about $0.43. That first layer was a bonus. One-piece print with tensioners. from functionalprint

A quick and low-cost solution instead of paying a premium.

Created by GlOwl

22. Train Set Adapter

Printed in blue, is the connectors which were used to join two different model train sets which had incompatible connectors. Now they can be used together seamlessly, problem solved.

Created by Elboyoloco1080

23. Simple Faucet Extender

Faucet Extender 3D Printed

Many people have issues with poorly designed sinks where your hands have to touch the back of it, or your children can’t reach the water stream properly. Here’s a great functional solution for that. It produces an awesome waterfall effect too.

Created by 3E8

24. ‘The Black Widow’ Electric Guitar

It’s amazing what people can do when they put their minds to it! Very challenging to pull off, but looks great.

Created by TechSupportGo

25. GameCube Memory Card Holder 

Tidy way to store GameCube Memory Cards from functionalprint

Probably an issue that most people won’t need, but someone out there found it useful so I’d say it’s pretty functional.

Created by Sigismond0

26. Charger Protector (OnePlus Warp)

I travel a lot, so I made this protector for my phone charger from functionalprint

For the people that have gone through countless cables and want to be able to extend its lifetime.

Created by trebeisLOL

27. Food Dispensing Ball for Cats & Dogs

Our cat eats too fast, and throws up improperly chewed food often. Printer to the rescue! from functionalprint

Great functional print for the cat and dog owners out there.

Created by delsydsoftware

28. Aesthetic DIY Print for Beams

Needed to dress up a 1/2" gap between nine (slightly different) beams and the wall. from functionalprint

This neat little trick took a little design work in SketchUp then about a day of printing time.

29. Smart Contacts Dispenser

View post on imgur.com

To make something like this, the user creates an in-depth guide which you can find here.

Created by mnmaker123

30. Quilting Pattern Guide

My wife asked for a guide to more easily see the horizontal columns in her quilting pattern. Designed with her favorite clips in mind. from functionalprint

Great creativity, great functionality. 3D printing really is the hobby for all hobbies.

Created by FirstKlund

31. Fabric Measure Tape Holder

I made a wind up tape measure from functionalprint

It works pretty well, huh?

Created by chillhaus

32. GoPro & Lamp Mount for Diving

Diving: with a lamp and a Gopro I don’t have a free hand, so I constructed this to combine them… from functionalprint

Unique problem, unique solution.

33. Heat Sensitive Computer Case

This is my 3D printed "Killa-B" PC. It’s running a Ryzen 2400G with 32GB of RAM. The case is heat sensitive, so it goes from purple to hot pink when it reaches ~30C. from Amd

Thermochronic filament changes color based on temperature which you can find on Amazon. I recommend this Purple to Red Color Changing filament.

Created by sprucegum

34. Button Guide for Mute/Blind People

A button guide for a deaf/blind person my sister-in-law helps out. On the left, what they were using, the right the first working prototype. Made out of TPU. Last pic is the stages of design. from functionalprint

Have to appreciate the execution on this print!

Created by flatcat_under_a_bus

35. Hodor Door Stop

Hold the door! A new door stop all ready for Season 8. from functionalprint

For the Game of Thrones fans out there.

Created by Maxx57

36. Vertical ‘Used Filament’ Mount for Drawers

I made a vertical wall mount for used filament spools that get turned into drawers from functionalprint

This is just the mount, so here is the Thingiverse link to create the drawers.

Created by riskable

37. DIY Wall Cover

I used photogrammetry to scan a wall and fit a cover perfectly onto it from 3Dprinting

It’s a bit hard to see what it is, but it’s basically an exterior wall with a rough texture that has a hole in it with a pipe sticking out. This custom print covers the hole up perfectly, even on the rough textured wall.

Created by TiredTomato

38. 3D Printed Silicone Heart Valves

3D Printed Silicone Heart Valves from functionalprint

Here it is in testing:

Created by FCoulter

39. Custom Connector

I designed a connector so I could make my greenhouse without drilling any holes. from functionalprint

A great print idea and execution to get things moving! The creator of this said that the force of the joint will be downwards so it doesn’t need to be as strong as you would think. There are many ways to strengthen this connector such as making it thicker or adding a gusset underneath. Just make sure it’s not printed in PLA!

Created by DavidoftheDoell

40. Shopping Cart Phone Holder

Created by Ratm3at

41. Futuristic Arm Prothesis

Futuristic Arm Prosthesis (that I designed and printed) from functionalprint

Very cool!

Created by Leoj_235

42. Laundry Detergent Cup Holder

Laundry detergent cup holder from functionalprint

Stop your detergent from oozing and spilling out with this neat print, designed to fit many detergent bottles.

Created by wimbot32259

43. Laundry Room Connection Cover

A simple cover for our laundry room connections, pun added by the missus from functionalprint

This laundry connection box cover does a great job hiding the ugly hoses and drain in a finished laundry area.

Created by alaorath

44. Tesla Phone Charging Station

Phone charging station. Info in comments. from functionalprint

A must-have for Tesla users and fans! No support or glue required, just printing and assembly.

Created by swholmstead

45. Nespresso Essenza Mini Mug Drip Tray

Mugs could never fit on our Nespresso machine stand, so we decided to do something about it. from functionalprint

Larger cups couldn’t fit with this lovely machine, so the normal response is of course…why not just print a new one?

Created by PetrosB

46. Baby Gate Catch 

Made a latch to hold a baby gate open. It’s held up for 6+ months of daily use so far. from functionalprint

This was designed for a specific gate but it can be edited to fit a different one.

Created by kgardo

47. Vortex Shower Head

A shower head with nearly five years of use (TPE) from functionalprint

No, it’s not a plant, it’s a functional shower-head, designed for optimal pressure, droplet size and accuracy. Doesn’t have to be printed in green.

Created by JMSchwartz11

48. 3D Printed Drain Plug

We needed to chill beverages in the kitchen sink but didn’t have a drain plug. I 3D printed a mold and poured silicone to make a rubber stopper that fit the drain perfectly. from functionalprint

The alternative was buying a $12 stainless steel stopper from Lowes, but what fun would that be?!

Created by mikeshemp

49. Retro Bird Feeder


Get visited by some small birds with this awesome bird feeder. Here’s a list of what you can feed them. Make sure it’s out of reach for predators (cats and dogs).

Created by JayJey

50. Business Card Embosser

3D printed Business Card Embosser. Pattern can be customized. from 3Dprinting

Give your business cards some life with the embosser system. The paid version above comes with 10 sweet designs. You can also opt-in for the free version which you can find here.

Created by Filar3D
Free version: ItsOnMyMind

51. Snow Shovel Handle Replacement

Printed ABS shovel handle still going strong, 2nd winter. from functionalprint

Durable, functional and pretty cool!

Created by muckychris
You’ve made it to the end, I hope you enjoyed the visuals and functional uses for 3D printing.

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