3 Ways How to Fix STL File Not Opening in Blender

Blender has recently become more popular in the 3D printing arena as a reliable. However, when importing files into Blender, the file may not open or load correctly. If you have encountered this issue, here’s how you can fix it: Enable the “Import STL” add-on Adjust the scale settings Adjust the “Clip End” settings 1….


7 Ways How to Fix a 3D Printer Jam – Filament in Extruder

A 3D printer jam or filament stuck in the extruder is an issue that many people experience when it comes to 3D printing. As it can be frustrating to pause or delay your 3D printing projects, I decided to write an article detailing how to fix this. To fix a 3D printer jam, manually load…

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4 Ways How to Fix a 3D Printed QR Code Not Working

Have you ever tried to scan a QR code on a 3D printed object, only to find that it’s not working? It can be frustrating when you’ve spent time and effort creating a QR code, only to have it fail when it comes to the crucial moment. To fix a 3D printed QR code that…


How to Fix 3D Printer Not Retracting – Ender 3 & More

Retraction is a critical process in 3D printing that allows the printer to pull the filament back when it’s not extruding, preventing stringing and other printing issues. However, it’s common for 3D printers to encounter problems with retracting, causing problems with print quality. To fix a 3D printer not retracting, make sure your retraction is…


How to Clean Up UV Resin Spills on Skin, Clothes & More

Resin printing is becoming more popular in 3D printing due to its fast printing time, print quality, and durability. As a result, accidental resin spills, which can be challenging to clean up, have become common. To help, I have been researching the right tools and techniques to remove UV resin spills safely. To clean up…


6 Ways How to Fix 3D Printer Endstop Not Working

Endstops are very important components of your 3D printer. This is because they help ensure accurate and consistent prints. If your 3D printer’s endstop stops working, it could lead to print defects during printing, or can even cause printing hazards. That’s why I wrote this article, to help you fix your 3D printer’s endstop. To…