5 Ways How to Fix Thin Walls in 3D Prints – Cura

There are a lot of 3D printing enthusiasts that wonder how they can correctly print thin walls and many of them experience different issues when working with models that feature thin walls. To fix thin walls in 3D prints, you can try adjusting wall thickness, optimizing line width, or enabling the option “Print Thin Walls”…


12 Ways ­­­­How to Fix Cones of Calibration Failing

The Cones of Calibration is one of the most straightforward tests you can use to calibrate your 3D printer’s exposure time. However, despite being easy to print and read, some users have complained about the cones failing due to issues in their printing setup. To fix the Cones of Calibration failing, ensure your exposure time…


5 Ways How to Fix 3D Printer Running Out of Filament – Ender 3

You can now easily produce objects of different sizes and complexities thanks to 3D printing. However, one common issue many 3D printing users face is running out of filament mid-print. There are several ways to fix this issue anytime you experience it. To fix a 3D printer running out of filament, you can install a…


8 Ways How to Fix 3D Print Layers Not Aligned – Misaligned

One problem that many 3D printer users experience is when their layers aren’t aligned, or there is a misalignment with certain layers. This can ruin the look of your models, so you’ll want to figure out how to fix this issue. To fix 3D print layers not aligned, you will want to check the belt…

3 Ways How to Fix STL File Not Opening in Blender

Blender has recently become more popular in the 3D printing arena as a reliable. However, when importing files into Blender, the file may not open or load correctly. If you have encountered this issue, here’s how you can fix it: Enable the “Import STL” add-on Adjust the scale settings Adjust the “Clip End” settings 1….


7 Ways How to Fix a 3D Printer Jam – Filament in Extruder

A 3D printer jam or filament stuck in the extruder is an issue that many people experience when it comes to 3D printing. As it can be frustrating to pause or delay your 3D printing projects, I decided to write an article detailing how to fix this. To fix a 3D printer jam, manually load…