7 Ways How to Fix Ender 3 That Keeps Losing Power

The Ender 3 has become a popular 3D printer for many 3D printing fanatics because of how affordable and easy it is to use. However, it can occasionally lose power, interrupting your printing process. I decided to research why this happens and some of the potential solutions. To fix an Ender 3 that keeps losing…


8 Ways How to Make 3D Printer Bed Sticky

One of the most common challenges that 3D printing enthusiasts face is getting proper bed adhesion. If your bed isn’t sticky enough, it can result in failed prints and frustrations. Fortunately, I researched some of the best methods you can use to solve it. To make your 3D printer bed sticky, clean the print bed,…


7 Ways How to Fix OctoPrint Not Connecting to WiFi

OctoPrint’s WiFi connectivity issues can frustrate even the most seasoned 3D printing enthusiasts, especially if you don’t know the main cause. I have written this guide to provide some of the best ways to fix this issue. To fix OctoPrint not connecting to WiFi, reboot your router, change the WiFi’s name and password, and move…


12 Ways How to Fix Resin Print Peeling From the Build Plate

Poor build plate adhesion is probably the worst issue in resin 3D printing, but print peeling from the build plate is even uglier. Since this problem is faced by many users, especially when printing large objects, I have decided to write down the possible solutions to fix this. To fix resin print peeling from the…


6 Ways How to Fix Sanding PLA Turning White – 3D Prints

Sanding is a crucial step in 3D printing since it helps prints to achieve a smooth and polished finish. However, PLA can get unwanted white spots or streaks when you sand it, ruining the quality of your finish. That is why I wrote this article to explain some of the ways you can fix this….

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6 Ways How to Fix Cura Not Opening on a Mac

Cura’s features have made it very popular among Mac users in the 3D printing community. However, there are instances where it might fail to open. I will explore some simple fixes to get Cura up and running again on your Mac. To fix Cura not opening on a Mac, uninstall and reinstall Cura, update your…


8 Ways How to Fix No TF Card on 3D Printer – Ender 3 & More

3D printing using an SD card is a great convenience until the 3D printer fails to read the SD card and starts displaying “No TF Card” in the 3D printer menu. Since it is a common issue, I decided to write an article detailing how to fix this. To fix No TF Card on your…


5 Ways How to Fix Cura USB Printing Not Working

One of the most popular ways to 3D print anything is printing it via USB using Cura, but many users have experienced issues when trying to do so. That’s why I wrote this article, to teach people how to fix Cura USB printing not working. To fix Cura USB printing not working you will need to…


8 Ways How to Fix Cura Not Detecting 3D Printer

Cura not detecting the 3D printer is one issue that prevents many users from initiating their printing process. This might happen for many reasons, and fixing it can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. That is why I wrote this article to share some of the potential solutions. To fix Cura not…