20 Best Patreons for 3D Printed Miniatures & D&D Models

There are plenty of top 3D printing Patreons for miniatures and D&D models that people look for, but have trouble finding. These consist of pre-supported STL files, high quality models, monsters, terrain, and plenty more. If you are wondering where you can find some of the best STL miniatures and 3D printed fantasy miniatures, you’re…


Best Material for 3D Printed Guns – AR15 Lower, Suppressors & More

3D printed guns have been growing in popularity and developments recently, allowing people to create more sturdy and reliable gun parts. I decided to write an article about the best material for 3D printed guns, whether it’s an AR15 lower, suppressors & more. The best material for 3D printing guns is High-Temp or reinforced Nylon….

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How to Make Miniatures With Your 3D Printer – Design & Print

Making miniatures with a 3D printer is something that plenty of users loves doing, so I wanted to write an article on how you can do it yourself. Whether you want to create your own miniatures by sculpting or have some designs created, there are a few ways to do it. To make miniatures with…


16 Cool Things to 3D Print & Actually Sell – Etsy & Thingiverse

3D printing has endless possibilities, especially when it comes to making money. There are so many items that people 3D print and sell successfully, even making a living from home doing it. I decided to write an article describing some popular products that you can 3D print and sell, so you can hopefully get involved…


20 Best & Most Popular 3D Printing Calibration Tests

When I first started 3D printing, I didn’t know much about calibration tests so I just went straight into 3D printing objects. After some experience in the field, I learned how important 3D printing calibration tests are. The best 3D printing calibration tests include the 3DBenchy, XYZ Calibration Cube, Smart Compact Temperature Calibration, and the…