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If you have the curiosity about buying and using 3D printers, then the Prusa SL1 Resin Printer with all its awesome features will give you a positive outcome.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or expert, the small learning curve allows anyone to create high quality parts straight away. The Prusa SL1 resin 3D printer is easy to operate, and you will be accustomed to a user-friendly, hassle free experience with this printer.

This 3D printer is packed with interactive wizard for quick and easy calibration, which implies that easy calibration means faster, smoother with a dazzling quality of prints.

The Prusa SL1 comes with upgraded technical characteristics. These give you the ability to meet your individual requirements in the 3D printing field whether for dental application, rapid prototyping, or for cool models.

The lighting fast processing rate with the 5.5-inch LCD screen as well as many other features encourage you to buy this product, which will be discussed throughout this review.

Do you need speed? It defintely has it. Do you need high quality printing with a large display? This Prusa SL1 Resin 3D printer has everything you need.

Now let’s get into the features, benefits and downsides, as well as customer feedback directly about this 3D printer.


  • Excellent 3D Prints with Amazing Details
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Open-Source with Assistance for Third Party Resins
  • Prudent for Both Beginners and Professionals
  • Prusa Slicer
  • Touch controls, Network Characteristics and Much More
  • Motorized Tilting Bed
  • High-Speed Printing
  • Flexible FEP Film
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Rigid Construction
  • Resin Level Sensor
  • Vapour Extraction
  • Smart Features

Excellent 3D Prints with Amazing Details

Large 5.5” LCD display with the resolution of 2560×1440p, resulting in 0.047mm per pixel that is the fixed XY resolution. Along with the soundless trinamic drivers, the SL1 is capable of approaching a very small layer heights.

It is featured with the layer height 0.025-0.1 mm and print area size of 120 x 68 x 150mm. Indeed, this will give you a boost in your professional life when used correctly.

Eminent Quality Materials

The aluminum body displays a good image for the Original Prusa SL1 3D printer, which reduces vibrations and help to make your printing performance and execution much easier. The acrylic glass lid resists UV light leakage to provide better print quality.

Open-Source with Assistance for Third-Party Resins

There is a resemblance of the Original Prusa i3 3D printer and the SL1 also labelled as Open Source, which signifies compatible support for third party resins (405nm) with no proprietary vats, resins or FEP films. It is well fitted with the quality of 3D printers.

Prudent for Both Beginners and Professionals

The SL1 is well suited with a broad range of different resins, with having lower costs and better maintenance.

There is a resin level sensor which gives proper protection with safety measurements. User-friendly documentation and 24/7 tech support assist every customer for  better utilization.

The 24/7 tech support team is well-experienced and have a good knowledge for every required problem and suitability. The tech support team with all their knowledge and supportive nature, can easily assist you to solve your problems.

Prusa Slicer with an Extensive Library of Tested Resins

PrusaSlicer comes with its most popular slicing tools and features, adjusted with regular updates and good slicing results. Prusa SL1 printer is completely powered by PrusaSlicer.

It is made with automatic support generation, the library of tested resins, network printing and many other supportive compilations.

Touch Controls, Network Characteristics and Much More

The print files over the network should be uploaded properly so that the status of printing quality on the phone and easy firmware up-gradation must be done properly.

The SL1 is compacted with modern technology, which makes 3D printing much more easily, secured and more appropriate. The complete setup process should be done by On-screen wizard that acquires a drifting speed and assurance of high-quality prints.

Original Prusa SL1 3D printer comes with the MSLA printing process. More than that, this printer is empowered with a high-resolution LCD panel and a UV LED.

Motorized Tilting Bed

Rather than have a standard bed model for a resin 3D printer, Prusa opted in to having a motorized tilt function which has three major advantages:

  • Stimulated the resin for a progressive result of the print quality
  • Easy discretion of large layer areas
  • Enhance with much rapid printing

High-Speed Printing

The UV light with its stunning performance cures one layer at a time, which takes approximately 6 seconds and then the printing panel is elevated. As a result, the printer can commence creating the next layer.

It works very fast with the printing area for all types of model designs and shapes.

Flexible FEP Film

Removable and altered resin tank of SL1 consists of flexible transparent FEP film on the bottom layer. FEP material is very affordable, and the spare parts are easily available through the shop.

In general, if an FEP film got scratched, ruined or damaged, the replacement of this printer is simple. At that very moment, it is necessary to unscrew a couple of screws, remove the ruined film and insert the fresh new one.

Automatic Calibration

It is not necessary to calibrate before every print due to the lovely automatic calibration feature.

The printing panel is well connected to the main epicenter by a ball joint so that if you feel any difficulties at the time of printing this printer will calibrate automatically for better quality printing.

This is one of the best features that you can find in this printer.

Rigid Construction

Smart design, rigid construction with all its features is very attractive and magnificent for better handling and maintenance.

Resin Level Sensor

SL1 is renovated with its resin level sensor, which is situated in the resin bed. It is also known as the tank.

Its good guidance assists to pour the maximum quantity of polymer into the tank and provides a notification about resins if it is running slowly or needs a refill for better compilation and simulation of this 3D printer.

Vapour Extraction

SL1 comes out with marvelous cooling system and vapour releasing system, where a good airflow is very essential for a printer.

tTe printer is adjusted with a fan with an upgraded filter behind the machine for real efficient operation.

Smart Features

A full-color LCD touch screen covers the whole device, and the G-codes can be uploaded with the help of a USB flash drive. On the other hand, LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity reactivate the characteristics of the printer.

So you can buy this product but before that, read the specifications, benefits and drawbacks carefully.

Specifications of the Prusa SL1

  • SLA system: LCD and UV LED
  • Supported materials: UV sensitive liquid resin, third-party resins supported.
  • Build Volume: 120 x 68 x 150mm
  • LCD display: 5.5”
  • Recommended layer height: 0.025–0.1 mm (variable layer height available)
  • Minimum layer height: 0.01 mm
  • UV Wavelength: 405nm
  • Resolution: 47um in XY axes.
  • LED Power input: 25W
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, LAN, Touchscreen LCD controls.
  • Speed: 6 seconds per layer, independent of layer size.

Benefits of the Prusa SL1

  • Print quality comes out with an hassle free experience
  • It has durable metallic body. You can use this printer continually for a long time
  •  Cheap in price and excellent printing quality attracts every customer to buy this printer
  •  Long-lasting parts (screws, knobs, etc.)
  • Calibration of this printer is well balanced
  • User-friendly mobile apps encourage customer like you to buy this printer


  • Lack of information or data in the manual may disappoint you in handling this printer
  • Disturbance in the control screen may irritate you
  • Lack of proper guidance and instructions may be a problem for you for cleaning or post-processing
  • Online guidance may require for further compilation
  • The Printing quality of Prusa SL1 Resin Printer often decorates, which may create a negative effect in front of you.

Customer Reviews of the Prusa SL1

When you think about buying a product, you must remember that in any product there are benefits and drawbacks, which may change your thoughts. A product may be proficient or appropriate for one person but serve as an inappropriate shot for other people.

So before buying any product (3D printers), you must give special attention to features, characteristics and specifications, which will guide you through buying a product with your special sincerity, necessity, availability and with your best suitability.

One user who bought the Original Prusa SL1 welcomed it as a real plug-and-play 3D printer. SL1 with all its quality provides you high quality printing. Yes, it has some drawbacks but the upgraded quality surely outperforms the downsides.

Another user who bought and accustomed with the Prusa SL1 3D Printer, used it for a long time and still have a stunning experience. Initial calibration and easy setup of printers are very simple to configure.

It radiates, shines with high resolution for better operations and execution. The user also mentioned that the 24/7 tech support team with their friendly and responsive attitude assisted him to repair his printer within a week.

I think you should buy this printer without a second thought. This is awesome in this price range.

Final Verdict

Original Prusa SL1 3D printer comes with MSLA process. This printer is well decorated with a bright and high-resolution LCD panel and a UV LED panel to supervise the printing quality, for better prints. This is very helpful and ideal for you if you are a jeweller or high-end modeller.

Extraordinary features equipped with the original Prusa SL1 provides you positive vibes for easy, customized, handy installation and optimization, which will guide you to enrich your intuition and ignite the mind in the world of 3D printing.

Original Prusa SL1 3D printer is well concerned with more characteristics than other printers. This printer is cheap, pocket friendly and much more economical than other conventional printers are.

Excellent quality of good prints with the transcendental flow of inspirations may encourage you to buy it and to use it properly.

The confluence effect of hardware or software is conforming together to make a proper, user-friendly, conspicuous device (3D printer). The 5.5-inch LCD screen with hassle-free operating switches may assure a favourable blessing for your professional career.

Higher solidarity of a robust metal frame decreases the vibrations. Thus I think, if you buy and experience this product, you will give a positive assurance for better simulation and for best results.

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