Simple Phrozen Sonic Mini Review – Worth Buying or Not?

Phrozen Sonic Mini Review - 3DPrinterly

Phrozen is a Taiwanese company particularly famous for its uniquely designed printers and its impressive features.

The Phrozen Sonic Mini (Amazon) is one of the company’s masterpieces which provides us with high-quality prints at a very fast speed. This printer is a good balance between price and print quality.

The printers manufactured by this company not only lead the market in terms of their highly affordable price range but also because of their exquisite abilities.

Although the Phrozen Sonic Mini resembles the Phrozen Shuffle Lite a lot, Sonic Mini’s features make it quite more capable than the other one.

In this article below, we bring you a very elaborative review of the Phrozen Sonic Mini so you can be more familiar with its abilities and overall performance.


  • High-Speed Printing
  • ChiTuBox Software
  • UV LED Matrix
  • Monochrome LCD
  • 2.8″ Touchscreen Panel
  • Compatible with Third Party Resin
  • Quick Start Operation

The printer is operated through a 5-inch touchscreen. The screen uses mono-LCD technology which allows UV light to pass through. This not only helps increase the printing speed but also reduces layer cure time. The screen is responsive and also durable. A one-touch printing option is also available.

High-Speed Printing

The XY resolution is 62 microns. This modest step down is easily palatable when considered against Sonic Mini’s capability to cure a layer in as little as two seconds.

Also, this is the approximate layer cure time for the 0.05 mm layer using Phrozen’s standard resin. Going finer at 0.03 mm layers lessens the cure time to less than two seconds.

ChiTuBox Software

This printer model has built-in ChiTuBox software which is very user-friendly. It’s best known for how fast it can slice larger files, while being simple to operate since no one like a huge learning curve!

UV LED Matrix

Phrozen Sonic Mini uses a UV LED matrix backlight which ensures great accuracy in printing. Conventional methods of the COB LED design don’t work as well as the ParaLED (parallel UV LED matrix backlight system). It gives this 3D printer excellent accuracy and printing quality for the whole build platform.

Monochrome LCD

The durable LCD and overall structure mean low maintenance costs and efficient heat dissipation. The monochrome LCD is more heat-resistant and can withstand more pressure as compared to an RGB LCD.

It is said to be able to cure resin 1 just one second. The thermal stable mono-LCD has a great lifetime of over 2,000 hours, so you don’t have to stress about maintenance.

2.8″ Touchscreen Panel

The touchscreen is easy to handle and allows you to get straight to the point. It’s a reliable feature that gives you one touch printing abilities.

Compatible with Third Party Resin

It’s compatible with all your usual LCD resins, but also most DLP resins that you come across so you aren’t limited to expensive resin or fewer colors.

Quick Start Operation

You can get to printing your test models all within just 5 minutes. Simply put the building platform on, secure the resin vat and upload your chosen file in just 3 clicks.

The Phrozen Sonic Mini has to be one of the easiest 3D printers that you can get to start your 3D printing journey.


  • The printer offers exquisite features at a very affordable price, hence it can be considered budget-friendly.
  • The printer has a high horizontal and vertical plane resolution which means better printing quality.
  • A wide range of resins increases the printer’s versatility
  • High-speed printing is a great plus point being 60% more than the average printing speed.
  • Easy levelling and assembling is also a major plus point
  • It is quite light in weight
  • The printer is easy to operate and use making it a good choice for beginners as well.
  • This printer will be able to provide you with not only detailed prints but also amazing print accuracy as well as quality.
  • Durable body and design


The build plate that comes along is flat and hence it is difficult for the resin to drop off. The plate is not slopped enough so it retains a lot of resin. Many people found the curved surfaces less smooth as compared to the SLA 3D printer.

The machine vibrates a lot while printing and can be a bit noisy. Some buyers also found it difficult to take the prints off once they were done. There were loose strings and leftovers of cured resin on the finished prints.

It is like a string of resin that was growing out from the side of a print.

Specifications of the Sonic Phrozen Mini

  • Printing Technology Used: LCD-based Masked Stereolithography
  • LCD Touchscreen: Customized 5.5-inch screen with mono-LCD, UV 405nm
  • Build Volume Dimensions: 120 x 68 x 130 mm
  • Z-Layer Resolution: 10-microns
  • XY Resolution is: 62-microns
  • UI: 2.8-inch IPS touchscreen display
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Build Platform Leveling: N/A
  • Printing Materials: Resins ideal for 405nm LCD-based printers
  • Software Bundle Present: Phrozen OS (onboard), ChiTuBox on desktop
  • Total Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Printer’s Dimensions are: 250 x 250 x 330 mm
  • Printing Speed: 50mm/hour
  • UV wavelength: 405nm
  • Approximate Power Requirement: 100–240 V, about 50/60 Hz

What Comes With the Sonic Phrozen Mini?

  • Sonic Phrozen Mini 3D Printer
  • There are a few spare bolts for the bed
  • An electric cable
  • A hex key
  • A palette knife
  • Paper documentation and an instruction manual
  • A flash drive with test models

Most of the Phrozen Sonic Mini comes already assembled which is a big relief. Although there are a few additional things to be done before you begin printing. The package includes as few below mentioned counterparts and extras which will be helpful to the user.

The buyer only needs to set up the build plate on the Z-axis. And also fix the polymer vat to the main desktop. These two aforementioned parts come packed separately in the package.

Customer Reviews on the Sonic Phrozen Mini

The printer was a big hit in terms of high-quality printing and efficient print speed. Most customers loved this printer because of its astonishingly low price.

Not only did the printer satisfy the customer’s printing needs but also provided them with an amazing overall performance. People loved its resin-based printing and mono-LCD technology.

Many customers were happy that the print bed does not need constant re-levelling and that the printer is very easy to assemble. The software was also said to be user-friendly.

Also, many buyers who started as beginners were satisfied with the printer’s capabilities and features. However, the plus point which won the most hearts was the extremely speedy printing and very economical price range.

However, there were some drawbacks including the less steepness of the build plate and the noise that came while printing. Overall, the printer’s amazing features and work quality was appreciated by its customers.


The Phrozen Sonic Mini is an ideal printer option for not only beginners because of its user-friendliness, but also for professionals because of its precise and exquisite printing quality.

The fact that the printer is very easy on the pocket and still offer such great specs, makes it one of the top printers in the market. This also makes it a printer with a great balance between price and good output.

The Sonic Mini’s ultra-fast printing speed made it one distinguished printer present in the trending marketplace. It is a great desktop printer.

If you are looking for printer which gives an impressive and fast print output while keeping your budget in mind, the Phrozen Sonic Mini might be the most ideal option for you!

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