Longer Orange 10 Review – Worth Buying or Not?

Longer Orange 10 is one of the emerging printers in the marketplace. The brand is particularly famous for launching exceptional printers in the market.

They not only have impressive print quality but also great market value. This printer is one of their masterpieces, as it is mostly known for its detailed print and versatile features.

This is a resin-based printer which has many promising features like sturdy built volume and metal body.

Not only this, but the Longer Orange 10 (Amazon) is equipped with many user-friendly abilities to make the printer a great investment.

In the article, we aim to give you an elaborate review of this printer and its impressive performance. By shedding light on its abilities, we will help you decide whether this printer is the ideal option for you.


  • Auto Support Generation
  • Fast Propriety Slicer Software
  • Manual Levelling
  • 2.8-inch Touchscreen
  • Solid Metal Body and Structure
  • High-Temperature Warning Feature
  • Optical Paths Designed Uniquely

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Auto Support Generation

There is an intelligent one-click feature to add on support structure which are automatically detected. It also adds cross-linked grid support so even the most complex models can print successfully.

This is one helpful feature in this printer. In this area, usually many resin workflows can occur. However, in this printer model, the support generation is already built into the slicer.

Fast Propriety Slicer Software

This feature is one reason why this printer is so popular. The custom slicer the Longer Orange 10 offers is a great option. It claims to be up to 30 times quicker than other open-source solutions. You don’t need third-party software and hence this feature makes this printer very user-friendly.

You can slice a 100Mb file in just 10 seconds with this professional slicing software.

Manual Levelling

The Longer Orange 10 allows manual leveling which may not be as up-to-date as auto leveling. But it is easier as this process is less tricky. With manual leveling, adhesion problems are easier to resolve.

Easy to level the platform by 4 screws.

2.8 Inch Touchscreen

The printer offers a great LCD screen for carrying out operations despite its low price. The touchscreen is responsive and makes the whole printing experience more efficient.

The best thing is just how easy it is to use, and the full-color touchscreen has simple select file printing and a feature where you can view the real-time printing process.

Solid Metal Structure

Complete solid metal construction allows increased accuracy in printing and durability. Apart from the acrylic top, the making of everything else underneath the printer is with sturdy metal including the build plate and the vat.

High-Temperature Warning Feature

The printer automatically pauses when the temperature increases beyond a certain point. And will resume once the machine cools off. It will then resume automatically when the unit cools off. This not only prevents failed prints but also increases the printer’s longevity.

Unique Optical Path Design

This feature improves the overall print quality by allowing better light intensity and accommodation. The prints come off more accurate, precise and detailed.

It gives specially designed optical paths which distribute uniform light leading to a higher chance of success of the print, where debris generation is significantly reduced.

The uniform matrix UV lighting has a UV LED design that has a higher intensity and a shorter curing time of prints.


  • Cost-effective, entry-level 3D printer.
  • A sturdy built volume increases machine stability.
  • Full metal body structure means more durability and also gives off a good appearance. It also reduces the requirement for calibration.
  • The fast proprietary slicer allows 30 times quicker functioning than the usual open-source slicer.
  • The 2.8-inch touchscreen is convenient to use and handle.
  • Optical paths allow uniform light distribution for improved print quality and accurate output.
  • This printer features resin-based printing allowing you to print many materials.
  • The printer is very user-friendly.
  • The buildplate also lets you remove the prints off the machine very conveniently once they are complete.
  • The printer is compact and light.


The manual levelling feature is not appreciated by all users. Some of them find auto-levelling better and easier, although the machine looks good.

The machine quality is not very impressive hence not so durable in general. The printer is quite noisy when put to use. Some people also found the vat leaking the resin onto the UV screen which was quite inconvenient, but not a common complaint.

Also, some people felt that the dimensional quality and print accuracy wasn’t as it was promised. The machine’s counterparts replacement were a source of great worry for the users who were on a tight budget.

Specifications of the Longer Orange 10

  • Technology used: LCD resin
  • Package: Assembled
  • Build Volume Dimensions: 98 x 55 x 140 mm
  • Printer Size Dimensions: 170 x 170 x 360mm
  • Accuracy up to: 20 microns
  • Bed Levelling: Manual
  • Connectivity: SD card
  • LED Technology present: UV LED 405 nm
  • Compatible Resins Include: Rigid, castable, dental resins
  • Speed up to: 30 mm/h
  • Layer Resolution is: 0.01 – 0.1 mm
  • Z Resolution is: 10 microns
  • Display: 2.8-inch touchscreen
  • The light source is: UV LED 405 nm
  • The LCD Resolution is: 854 x 480 Pixels
  • Connectivity: SD Card
  • Printer Net Weight: 5.4 kg

What Comes With the Longer Orange 10?

  • The printer comes in a package with most of it being assembled already. You just need to perform a few fixtures to get the machine printing.
  • The package contained a few extras and counterparts listed below.
  • A detailed instruction manual.
  • A Spare FEP film is also present in the package.
  • Resin filters, acrylic sheets and a cleaning cloth are inclusive.
  • A pair of gloves and scraper is also present.
  • The package also includes elastic bands to secure the machine and playing cards to remove excess resin.
  • An 8GB Micro SD card with USB reader also comes with the package.

Customer Reviews on the Longer Orange 10

The Longer Orange 10 printer was a big hit amongst customers because of the astonishing features it offers. The temperature warning option was greatly appreciated by the users.

It allowed a more hassle-free work experience and also increased the printer’s durability. The printer was almost already assembled and was very easy to work with. Hence, it is quite user-friendly.

Moreover, some users also liked the extremely helpful response from customer service. The printer was able to produce some good prints and had some accuracy as well.

However, some users found the print quality not up to the mark. Overall the output was fine keeping in mind its highly economical price.

Some customers found the printer noisy which was a sort of drawback. Other than that, the printer was great to work with and was able to give a satisfactory print output.


The ease to use and commendable features of the Longer Orange 10 make it an ideal option. It is not only for professionals but also for beginners.

This printer is not only equipped with the ability to produce good prints. But is also able to facilitate its user with good details and precision in its performance.

The printer continues to trend in the market because of it being able to give good prints at such a low price.

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