Simple Sovol SV01 3D Printer Review – Worth Buying or Not?

The Sovol SV01 is a 3D printer that many haven’t heard of, but it is a machine that definitely holds up well in the 3D printing industry as a great low-cost direct drive extruder 3D printer.

It has similarities with some of the best Creality machines out there, even sourcing some of their parts directly from Creality themselves, but adding some cool upgrades along the way.

When you put the Sovol SV01 side-by-side with the Creality CR-10S, the design looks almost the same, but there are some distinct differences that give it a bit of an edge overall.

This review is going to look into the features, benefits, downsides, specifications, and even current customer reviews of the Sovol SV01 (Amazon) to give you a better idea on whether this is the 3D printer for you.

Keep reading through for some useful information on making this key decision!

Features of the Sovol SV01

  • Direct Drive Extruder
  • Removable Tempered Glass Build Plate
  • Mean Well Power Supply
  • Dual Z-Axis Design
  • Semi Assembled Kits
  • Large Build Volume
  • Slicer Software

Direct Drive Extruder

Sovol SV01 3D printer has a direct drive extruder. Its dual Z-Lead screws effectively improve the print quality and maintain great print stability even if you are printing at high speeds.

The arrangement and configuration that usually provides more precise extrusion while allowing quick retractions, this extruder is widely considered as an efficient clone of the well-known E3D Titan Extruder.

Sovol SV01 has the ability to handle a wide range of printing materials including PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG.

Removable Tempered Glass Build Plate

This 3D printer comes with a removable build plate that has a tempered glass surface as well. It solves various problems and warping is one of them.

Its Ultrabase-like carbon-silicon glass platform ensures a perfectly flat build surface and strong bed adhesion.

While using this 3D printer, you don’t need glue, hairspray, or any type of adhesives because its glass build plate is capable of keeping the prints in place efficiently.

It doesn’t matter if your model is small or large, it can guarantee that you will always get the best layers for your prints.

Mean Well Power Supply

This 3D printer comes with a 24V Mean Well power supply to provide better printing performance. It offers the power to heat the bed faster and maintain a stable temperature throughout the printing process.

This feature is necessary to print successfully with temperature-sensitive filaments such as ABS. As this is a certified power supply that is equipped after proper testing, it protects your 3D printer from sudden power outages and other issues.

Dual Z-Axis Design

Inconsistency in the printing stability is one of the most common issues in FDM 3D printing. This Sovol SV01 3D printer is equipped with double Z-Axis stepper motor drivers and has two adjusting screws.

This feature is not so common to see in FDM 3D printers, especially in this price range.

Due to the sturdy dual Z-Axis design, it can help you reduce vibration to a great extent that eventually results in 3D print models with an efficient smooth finish.

95% Semi-Assembled Kit

This amazing 3D printer comes with partially assembled kits in three major parts. It will only take no more than 20 to 30 minutes to complete the job as it is extremely easy to assemble.

The top part of the printer will be attached to the base part using four long Allen screws.

These screws will pass through the base and will fit into Z-Axis aluminum extrusions. Once the screws are tightened, the filament holder and filament sensor will be installed and your printer will be ready to go.

Large Build Volume

Sovol SV01 3D printer offers a large build volume because of its unique and open design. You can have the option to print a large model without any hassle.

This is a great feature when it comes to printing large models as a whole instead of printing small parts and then combining them.

Slicer Software

Most 3D printers prefer to use their own slicer software because of some reason, but this 3D printer has the ability to work well with various slicing software. You do have the option to choose the one that suits you the best in your desired terms.

Cura and Simplify3D are considered the best choices because of their easy to operate features such as model creation, designing, modification, etc.

Thermal Runaway Protection

A key safety feature that you’ll find in 3D printers is the thermal runaway protection. What it does is help to prevent overheating by detecting abrupt changes in recorded temperatures.

Once it detects any significant errors in temperature readings, the SV01 will stop heating your elements and wait until you, the user manually checks over to correct any issues that may have occurred.

Creality 2.2 Mainboard

The upgraded silent mainboard is a loved feature that allows you to 3D print with low volumes, as compared to the loud screeching sound that you may have heard in some 3D printer videos.

I made the change on my Ender 3 to a silent board, and it made such a huge difference to how loud the printing process was.

Pause/Resume Print Function

The Sovol SV01 gives you the simple ability to resume your 3D prints from the last detected layer at any time.

This is especially useful in events where you experience a power outage, or accidental disconnection from your 3D printer.

What will happen is the 3D printer will remember your last printing location, then when you turn it back on, you’ll get a prompt asking whether you want to start printing from the last location.

Filament Runout Detector

You no longer have to worry about your filament running and the 3D printer continuing to extrude due to the lovely filament runout detection feature. I’ve had a few instances where my Ender 3 kept on trying to print even though filament ran out.

When your filament runs out, it will send a signal to your SV01 that the filament needs to be replaced, while pausing the printing process.

Benefits of the Sovol SV01

  • Has great safety features installed such as thermal runaway protection, power off resume, and a filament end detector
  • Large print volume
  • Direct drive extruder which is great for flexible filament and other types
  • Dual Z-motors ensures greater stability than single
  • Easy assembly so you  can focus on getting started with your printing
  • Users have mentioned that it comes with a generous 200g spool of filament
  • Can print at fairly fast printing speeds with great quality (80mm/s)

Downsides of the Sovol SV01

  • The fan inside the case has been known to be quite loud
  • Cable management is good, but it can sometimes sag into the print area, but you can print a cable chain to solve this issue.
  • Doesn’t save settings automatically like baby-stepping (which is live adjustment of the nozzle height).
  • Doesn’t have auto leveling with it, but it is compatible
  • Has been known to clog if you don’t use PTFE tubing in the feed area
  • The unique bed size means you have less options for bed surfaces – it is the same size as the Anycubic 4Max Pro.

Specifications of the Sovol SV01

  • 3D Printer Brand: Sovol
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Control Board: Creality V2.2
  • Extruder Type: Direct Drive
  • Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Build Volume: 280 x 240 x 300mm
  • Max Nozzle Temperature: 250°C
  • Max Print Bed Temperature: 100°C
  • Bed Leveling: Manual
  • Power Supply: 24V
  • Connectivity: SD Card
  • Third-Party Filament: Yes
  • Filament Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU
  • Slicer Software: Simplify3D, Cura
  • Weight: 9.8 KG (21.60 Pounds)

Customer Reviews on the Sovol SV01

When looking at reviews of the Sovol SV01, you are usually looking at very positive reviews, being 4.4/5.0 on Amazon at time of writing.

One of the main things you find people talking about is just how easy assembly was, and how people could get to 3D printing really quickly. The process from opening up the packaging to printing goes like this:

  • Put the vertical extrusions on the base and screw it in
  • Attach the screen to the front of the printer and plug in cables
  • Attach the Z-endstop to the aluminum extrusion
  • Plug in motor cables and end stop switches
  • Level the bed
  • Begin the printing process

This 3D printer is very sturdy and durable, which easily translates to its great print quality, even at higher speeds.

Compared to other similar priced 3D printers, the SV01 holds up very well, and beats out many competitors in terms of features, print quality, build volume and ease of use.

Many users love how it’s a direct drive 3D printer, along with the dual Z-axis motors for a nice level movement across the 3D printer. With single Z-motor 3D printers, you can sometimes experience sagging on one side.

If you are looking for a 3D printer that can deliver amazing quality right out of the box, you can’t go wrong with this machine, as plenty of users have made clear.

One user did a stress test for the SV01 and managed to reliably print a 70-degree angle with no supports.

Verdict – Sovol SV01 Worth Buying or Not?

Sovol SV01 is a ready-to-go 3D printer when it comes out of the box. Even a beginner can get the most from it.

Although Sovol SV01 offers high-quality performance in all 3D printing aspects, you may need to tweak some settings in the slicer depending on your different 3D print models.

If you are a beginner and want a 3D printer that offers you high performance, large build volume, glass build surface, all at an affordable price, Sovol SV01 could be an ideal choice.

It seems to have taken over some of the popular Creality 3D printers in choices for many users.

Get yourself the Sovol SV01 from Amazon today.

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