Simple JGAurora A5S 3D Printer Review

JGAurora A5S 3D Printer has a modern structure and design. It offers a simple and sleek design, and its metal counterpart is light in weight. It has a number of more different features than the JGAurora A3.

This printer is one of the medium-sized FDM 3D printers that are gaining popularity for them being easy on the pocket and still possessing good features.

It’s made by JGMaker, a certified company that have been serving in multiple markets for over 10 years. They are known for their high quality and excellent support for their consumers.

The JGAurora A5S (Amazon) as compared to JGAurora A3 has a large build volume, new built-in features like power recovery, high definition, and a full-color touchscreen. After purchasing this printer and setting it up, we started using this 3D trending printer.

In this article, we intend to review this printer in great depth and give you a comprehensible idea about its abilities.


  • Good Build Volume
  • Filament Runout Detection
  • Power Recovery
  • E3D V6 Hot End Clone
  • USB Stick
  • Wi-fi option Included
  • Glass Plate Heated Bed
  • Full-Color Touchscreen
  • 32-Bit Motherboard

Good Build Volume

The printer is a bit huge hence you must be sure that you may have to clear up some area so that there is enough space to accommodate and install the printer. The printer offers a fair amount of features considering its price.

This printer has the ability to generate prints with dimensions as huge as 305mm x 305mm x 320mm (12″ x 12″ x 12.6″). The build volume is great.

Filament Runout Detection

One of the interesting features is the filament out detection. The printer automatically stops working the instant a filament runs out and gives off a loud warning alarm.

Power Recovery Feature

Another feature that seems to be very useful is the power recovery option of this printer. It is a great feature as it effortlessly deals with power outages. As soon as the power is restored, the device starts heating up the hot end and resumes your printing job without any delay or disruption.

E3D V6 Hotend Clone

The A5S printer’s hot end is an E3D V6 hot end clone that contains a custom heatsink.

Wi-Fi Option Included

The test models have already been loaded through a USB stick that comes along with the printer. You can even connect the machine to a computer and print directly from there as an alternative.

Although there is a Wi-Fi option as well in the printer’s menu, it didn’t seem to work and was also not advertised to be a part of the model.

Glass Plate Heat Bed

The heat bed is a glass plate having an additional coating which can be compared to Anycubic Ultrabase. It’s a decent improvement over the previous models because it doesn’t expand as much as a normal aluminum bed after heating.

You’re getting better adhesion and durability for the longer term. You need to calibrate the bed manually before starting the printing process.

Full-Color Touchscreen

An interactive touchscreen makes your 3D printing life just that little bit easier. The JGAurora A5S comes with a 2.8-inch colorful touchscreen for easy operation of your 3D printer.

32-Bit Motherboard

This feature, along with the Allegro A5984 stepper drivers gives this 3D printer an edge over cheaper models. It has 32x microstepping for more versatility in layer heights and getting better accuracy.


Just like any other printer, if we talk about JGAurora A5S 3D has many noticeable pros but also has some drawbacks. We will list them below for you to weigh them with each other.

  • It has full-metal constructed body and structure which gives off a rich look
  • Consists of heated black diamond-like print bed for an improved sense of adhesion in the printer
  • Has full-color touchscreen feature for better control, display and operation
  • It is easy to set up and get assembled, taking just 15 minutes for a beginner
  • You get peace of mind with the filament run-out sensor which is very useful to the owner as the alarming sound will notify the user before running out
  • Power-off recovery doesn’t let the power outrage disrupt your work and will allow you to continue your printing from where you left off
  • Has a USB stick option along with normal SD card, but USB mostly for updating firmware
  • Reliable prints time after time with a good system


When looking through the reviews, they are pretty mixed. Some people are extremely happy while others have some very legitimate complaints.

There are firmware bugs that have bricked this 3D printer after inserting an SD card, which actually caused a bad enough error where the heated bed raised in temperature and melted PLA on the bed surface.

Some connections being loose, bad customer service reports in terms of timing and getting assistance, jams happening in the nozzle, and people taking the machine to professional 3D printer repairers who commented how badly the machine was built.

These downsides are enough to hold people back from purchasing this 3D printer. Regardless if it was a bad period of time for the company, they should have put a lot more emphasis on quality control and customer service for their products.

The JGAurora doesn’t have automatic leveling or the ability to print TPU with its current hardware. Some people have reported inconsistencies in the bed with poor layer adhesion.

Also, some extruder clicks which skip frequently maybe from a fault stepper motor.

The 3D printer is rated 4.0/5 so it’s not all bad, but I’d definitely keep these things in mind.

Specifications of JGAurora A5S Printer

The specifications of the JGAurora A5S 3D printer are quite similar in a lot of ways with other low-budget 3D printers. On the contrary, it does have a proper build volume and vertical resolution. Its specs are listed below.

  • Build Volume Dimensions 305 x 305 x 320 mm
  • Layer Resolution – 0.1 – 0.3 mm
  • Connectivity – SD Card, USB
  • Printing Speed – is up to 150 mm/s
  • Filament Diameter Compatibility – 1.75 (Bowden Drive)
  • Nozzle Diameter – 0.4 mm
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature – 260°C
  • Maximum Heatbed Temperature – 100°C
  • Input rating – 110V/220V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Printer Dimensions 536 x 480 x 235 mm
  • Power – 300 Watts
  • Single Nozzle
  • Print Accuracy – 0.2mm
  • Machine Weight – 13.8KG

What Comes with the JGAurora 3D Printer?

  • JGAurora A5S 3D Printer
  • 0.25KG of PLA Filament
  • Power Supply Cable
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Tool Box (hex wrench kit, extra nozzle, spare parts)
  • SD card & USB Cable

Customer Reviews of the JGAurora

Most of the people who purchased this printer were satisfied with its print quality and its features. They found it very economical with the specs it offers. Overall the printer was a big hit for professional use as well as personal use.

People usually prefer a printer that is easy to assemble and this is surely one of them. Some people were confused about the instructions, but you can search the internet for more guidance.

When you purchase this printer, everything is included already. The packaging is also satisfactory so there is no need to worry about any machine damage.

There have been a number of negative reviews and experiences with this 3D printer, along with many positive reviews. Looking at the reviews overall, it is mostly positive, but I wouldn’t ignore the negative reviews.

Since the customer service is in China, most people have to wait awhile to get a response, and in the case


JGAurora A5S (Amazon) 3D can be considered a user-friendly and reliable printer. Despite its few drawbacks, the print quality is commendable as well as the built volume-this printer offers such a low price.

Moreover, it has a sleek, modern design too along with features that get our printing work done in a more efficient way. The user interface and navigation are also easy to work with. Its capabilities easily beat the other expensive printers in the market.

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