1. A big problem drying the higher temperature filaments like PC and PA (Nylon) is the reel. They regularly warp when I dry PA. The industry standart for drying PA granulate is 3h at 140°C. I guess that’s too much for the filament.
    The overshooting hint doesn’t work that way. The thermoswitch overshoots at EVERY heating period. There are many. The first one is the least critical as the filament is not yet at the oven’s air temperature. So it’s important to be aware of it in general and the worst risk is at the end when the filament is hot and dry.

    1. Yeah, I haven’t looked into the granulate but it looks to be lower for the filament itself. I think if the dryer you are using has strong fans, it should spread the air more evenly so it’s not directly blowing on the reel to warp it.

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