Simple Creality CR-10S Review – Worth Buying or Not

Creality are no rookie when it comes to building quality 3D printers, one of them being the Creality CR-10S. It is a large-scale 3D printer with a whole host of features and the ability to 3D print models at great quality.

The build volume comes in at a respectable 300 x 300 x 400mm and comes with a large, flat glass bed for you to 3D print on.

You can expect quick assembly, assisted bed leveling, a sturdy aluminum frame, and an upgraded dual Z-axis among much more. Several customers who have this 3D printer beside them absolutely love it, so let’s look into this machine.

This review will look over the main features of the Creality CR-10S (Amazon), as well as the benefits & downsides, specifications, and what other customers are saying after receiving it.

Let’s start off with the features.

Features of the Creality CR-10S

  • Resume Print Function
  • Filament Run Out Detection
  • Large Build Volume
  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame
  • Flat Glass Bed
  • Upgraded Dual Z-Axis
  • MK10 Extruder Technology
  • Easy 10 Minute Assembly
  • Assisted Manual Leveling

Check the price of the Creality CR-10S:

Amazon Creality 3D Shop

Large Build Volume

One of the main features that differentiates the CR-10S from most other 3D printers is the large build volume. The build area of this 3D printer comes in at 300 x 300 x 400mm, making it large enough to adequately tackle large projects.

Resume Print Function

If you experience some kind of power outage, or accidentally turn off your 3D printer, you can rest assured that your print can be resumed from the last break point.

What your 3D printer will do is keep the last known printing position of your model, then prompt you to resume your 3D print at the last known point, so you can finish your print rather than having to start at the beginning.

Filament Run Out Detection

You usually don’t run out of filament during a print, but when you do, the filament run out detection can save the day. With this feature, the sensor can detect when filament is no longer passing through the extrusion pathway, meaning that filament has run out.

Similar to the resume print function, your printer will stop the 3D print and give you a prompt after replacing the filament back through the filament run out sensor.

It’s especially useful with larger 3D printers like the Creality CR-10S, since you are more likely to be doing large projects which require plenty of filament.

Sturdy Aluminum Frame & Stability

Not only do we have a solid sturdy aluminum frame to hold the 3D printer parts in place, we have many features that add to its stability. We have the POM wheels, patent V slot, and a linear bearing system for high precision, good stability, and lower noise.

Stability is one of the most important aspects for 3D print model quality, so you can rest assured that side of things is taken care of with these features.

Flat Glass Bed

Removable build areas are an easy solution when it comes to printing. You can easily remove it and can remove the print model from it. Cleaning the build glass plate after removing it makes the cleaning process easy.

The heated bed’s quality is good, but you will witness a longer time to heat it. The reason is still not known for the long heating time; maybe, it is because of the larger area. However, once heated, the heat is distributed equally at every part of the printer.

Upgraded Dual Z-Axis

Unlike many 3D printers that feature a single Z-axis lead screw for height movements, the Creality CR-10S went straight for the dual Z-axis lead screws, an upgrade from the previous Creality CR-10 version.

Many people attest to how much more stable their 3D printer movements are, resulting in better quality and less print imperfections in their models. It means the gantry has more support and can move a lot easier, mainly because of the two motors.

Single z motor setups has more of a chance to have sagging on one side of the gantry.

MK10 Extruder Technology

The unique extrusion structure allows the Creality CR-10S to have a wide filament compatibility of more than 10 different types of filament. It adopts technology from the MK10, but has an MK8 extruder mechanism on it.

It has a brand-new patented design that has the ability to reduce the risk of extrusion inconsistencies such as plugging and poor spillage. You should have little issues printing with many types of filament, whereas other 3D printers can run into issues.

Pre-Assembled – Easy 20 Minute Assembly

For the people who want to get started 3D printing quickly, you’ll be happy to know that you can put this 3D printer together fairly quickly. From delivery, to unboxing, to assembly, it is a simple process which doesn/t require a whole lot.

The video below shows the assembly process so you know exactly what it looks like. Some users said it can be done in no longer than 10 minutes.


Assisted Manual Leveling

Automatic leveling would be nice, but the Creality CR-10S (Amazon) has assisted manual leveling which isn’t quite the same, but it is very useful. I currently have it on my Ender 3, and it automates the positioning of the print head, allowing you to adjust the bed level.

The print head stops at 5 different points – the four corners then the center, so you can place your leveling paper underneath the nozzle at each area, similar to how you would do with manual leveling.

It does make your life that little bit easier, so I definitely welcome this upgrade.

LCD Screen & Control Wheel

The method of operating this 3D printer doesn’t use the most modern parts, being similar to the Ender 3 with the LCD screen and the trusty control wheel. Operation is pretty easy, and managing your print preparation, as well as calibration is simple.

Some people decide to 3D print themselves a new control wheel on the control box, which is probably a good idea.

Benefits of the Creality CR-10S

  • Great prints right out of the box
  • Large build area makes it easy for you to print any kind of model.
  • Maintenance cost of the Creality CR-10S is minimum.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame gives it a great durability and stability
  • Comes with the capacity to be used both personal and commercial as it can handle printing continously for 200 hours+
  • The bed comes insulated for faster heating times
  • Quick assembly
  • Sweet extra features like filament run out detection and power resume function
  • Great customer service, giving quick responses and quickly sending parts out if there are faults.

Downsides of the Creality CR-10S

So we’ve gone through some of the highlights of the Creality CR-10S, but what about the downsides?

  • The spool holder positioning isn’t the greatest and may knock over the control box if you get a tangle in your filament – re-locate your spool to the top crossbar and 3D print yourself a feed guide from Thingiverse.
  • The control box doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing and is quite bulky.
  • The wiring setup is quite messy compared to other 3D printers
  • It can take a while to pre-heat the glass bed due to the large size
  • Bed leveling screws are quite small, so you should print larger thumbscrews from Thingiverse.
  • It is fairly loud, cooling fans on the CR-10S are noisy but less so compared to the stepper motors and control box
  • Instructions for asssembly aren’t the clearest, so I’d recommend using a video tutorial
  • Adhesion on glass surfaces are usually poor unless you use an adhesive substance to attach the base.
  • The feet of the printer aren’t very sturdy so it doesn’t do a good job in mitigating print bed intertia, or absorbinb vibrations.
  • The filament detector can easily come loose as there isn’t much holding it in place

Along with all the above issues, it takes a lot of space in the room, and you might need a specific separate space for it. The large build area is a benefit; though it would also require a large space to place it.

Specifications of the Creality CR-10S

  • Build Volume: 300 x 300 x 400mm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
  • Positioning Precision: Z-axis – 0.0025mm, X & Y-axis – 0.015mm
  • Nozzle Temperature: 250°C
  • Printing Speed: 200mm/s
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Printer Weight: 9kg
  • Printing Filament: PLA, ABS, TPU, Wood, Carbon fiber, etc.
  • Input Support: SD card/USB
  • File Types: STL/OBJ/G-Code/JPG
  • Supports(OS): Windows/Linux/Mac/XP
  • Printing Software: Cura/Repetier-Host
  • Software Supporting: PROE, Solid-works, UG, 3d Max, Rhino 3D design software
  • Frame & Body: Imported V-Slot Aluminum Bearings
  • Power Requirement Input: AC110V~220V, Output: 12V, Power 270W
  • Output: DC12V, 10A 100~120W (Support storage battery)
  • Working Condition Temp:10-30°C, Humidity: 20-50%

Customer Reviews of Creality CR-10S

The reviews of the Creality CR-10S (Amazon) are really good overall, having an Amazon rating of 4.3/5.0 at time of writing, as well as an almost perfect rating on the official Creality website.

Many people who buy the Creality CR-10S are beginners, and they are very happy with the simple setup, the overall quality of the machine, as well as the great quality of the 3D prints.

The large build area is the main feature that customers love about this 3D printer, allowing them to print large models in one go rather than having to split them using software.

3D printer hobbyists usually start off with a medium-size 3D printer, then upgrade to something larger like this 3D printer.

One user wanted to test out the printer’s capabilities and done an 8-hour 3D printer, and it delivered superb results with little disappointments.

Another customer mentioned how he just loved the accuracy and precision of the prints, with the models looking just like the original designed file.

A customer did have some troubles with the initial setup of the bed and calibrating the extruder, but with the help of a YouTube tutorial, everything was up and running just fine.

One customer praised the customer support team of Creality as they helped him get the printer fixed.

He said he bought the printer for his son on a sale, and it started having issues with the prints after some time. So he took it to the company, and they helped him in getting the issue fixed.

It’s a good idea to make sure the frame is square while assembling the X & Y gantry to ensure the best quality prints.

A current customer said he’s done 50 hours of printing without any issues whatsoever.

Verdict – Is the Creality CR-10S Worth Buying?

When reviewing the benefits, features, specs, and all the rest, I can safely say that the Creality CR-10S is a worthy purchase, especially for people who know they want to do big projects.

The quality of 3D prints produced by this 3D printer are fantastic, and once you overcome a few downsides, you can get some amazing prints for years to come.

Quality control for this 3D printer have improved plenty since the initial release, so most of the bad reviews can be put down to that. Since then, it has been pretty smooth sailing, but if issues do arise, sellers are quick to help fix the issue.

You can get yourself the Creality CR-10S from Amazon for a great price!

Check the price of the Creality CR-10S:

Amazon Creality 3D Shop

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