Simple Anycubic Mega Zero Review – Worth Buying or Not?

Anycubic Mega Zero Review - 3DPrinterly

3D printing is turning out to be increasingly more mainstream with an ever-increasing number of effective models from one perspective yet in addition increasingly affordable.

Anycubic is one of the notable brands in the little universe of 3D printing with lead models. Anycubic has propelled the Mega Zero, an entry-level 3D printer.

If you are looking for a cheap yet efficient printer, this 3D printer is definitely a machine that you should look into.

The Anycubic Mega Zero (Amazon)is a 3D printer model that has brought satisfaction and praise from thousands of users, all shown in reviews, forums & Facebook groups all around the internet.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro, the Anycubic Mega Zero is a 3D printer that isn’t just cheap, but a machine on which you can get great quality 3D prints.

If you want to purchase the Anycubic Mega Zero you can get it from Amazon or from BangGood.

Features of the Anycubic Mega Zero

  • Quick Start
  • Easy Leveling
  • Resume from Power Outage
  • Bigger Volume
  • High Precision
  • Double Gear Extruder
  • High Reliable Power

Quick Start

The Anycubic Mega Zero printer starts in a quick way due to the modular structure. You can assemble your printer quite quickly and easily. This saves time and you are quickly ready for your first print.

The best way to assemble this 3D printer is to have all your pieces organized and have a clear space to work on. Also, you should follow an assembly video so you don’t get confused along the way.

No need for troubleshooting some complicated issues, it’s a simple assembly process and you can start your smooth 3D printing process.

Easy Leveling

Are you a person who gets annoyed by setting up the huge machines? Well this printer has quite a simple to level. You can quickly and easily locate the corners of the print platform during leveling. It maximizes printing efficiency.

Being able to save time in your leveling process is an ideal feature.

Resume from Power Outage

Everyone gets irritated by the sudden power cut particularly when one is engaged in a crucial work. But this Mega Zero printer provides you the easiest way, just press one key to resume your work, save your time and filaments.

I’ve gone through a power outage and this feature was a massive help in saving several hours and a good amount of filament. Even though it doesn’t happen very often, having the peace of mind knowing your prints will be okay is great.

Bigger Volume

It has bigger build volume of 220 x 220 x 250mm which is a great size relative to the price and quality of the 3D printer.

High Precision & Stable Structure

It has high precision aluminum frame and closed loop design at the bottom which ensures a more stable structure. Its dual Y-axis improves the stability of the platform.

Powerful Double Gear Extruder

The new Double Gear Extruder has strong torque and enables smoother extrusion. It can also be used to print flexible filaments. Many 3D printers of this price wouldn’t be compatible with flexible filament, so you are really getting a great value of money with the Anycubic Mega Zero (Amazon, or  Get from BangGood).

Highly Reliable Power Supply

It uses power supply from a world-famous brand, in compliance with UL60950-1, and it also enhances the safety performance. You wouldn’t want an unsafe power supply, which definitely isn’t unheard of in the 3D printing field.

Some companies really terribly cut corners some times, but with Anycubic, they are a trustworthy and reliable company which focuses on high quality and safety with their manufacturing.

Benefits of the Anycubic Mega Zero

  • It is cost-efficient as well as good for beginners
  • It has easy to use interface
  • This 3D printer is easy to set up the Anycubic Mega Zero as they have also provided the detailed video of assembling it
  • Its packaging comes in a very convenient way
  • The gantry-type structure is a simple moving process that allows smooth printing
  • Provides consistently satisfactory prints
  • After-sale guarantee of high customer service and professionalism
  • High quality prints for a low price
  • 1-year guarantee with Anycubic
  • The wheels under the platform are wide, so they are much easier to turn for leveling

Downsides of the Anycubic Mega Zero

When you have a lower priced 3D printer, you can sometimes run into some downsides, but that’s a sometimes expected trade off for a cheaper 3D printer

The firmware logic of the Anycubic Mega Zero (Amazon or Get from Banggood) is a bit confusing you have to find the direct way to level the bad or load the filament. To level the bed, you initially need to use the Home option and then Home All to reposition the head before setting off to the Level Corners option.

This option doesn’t show up until it is finished. The head will move at your solicitation to the four corners of the board with the goal that you can modify the tallness.

Its plate does not have a heating bed and can’t be upgraded since the platform is in-built and comes as one.

This is the trade off Anycubic has brought to hold the cost down.

A heated bed isn’t a prerequisite for PLA, TPU, HIPS, PETG or wood type filaments, but a heated bed would definitely help with adhesion. Luckily there are other methods you can use for this such as using hairspray, glue or blue tape on the bed surface.

No filament detection feature isn’t very ideal since you might overlook the amount of filament in your 3D printer, then come back to an unfinished 3D print.

The digital interface isn’t touchscreen, so it’s traditional with the scroll dial that older models use.

Specifications of the Anycubic Mega Zero

  • Frame Type: Full Aluminum
  • Printer Size: 504mm x 396mm x607mm
  • Print Size: 220 x 220 x 250mm
  • Printing Speed: 20-100mm/s (60mm/s suggested)
  • Layer Resolution: 0.05-0.3mm
  • Extruder – Single
  • Extruder Type: Bowden/Dual gear
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Material specifications: 1.75mm in diameter
  • Material Type: PLA, TPU, Wood, HIPS, etc.
  • Max. Extruder temperature: 250°
  • Connectivity: SD card and USB
  • Compatible Files: .STL, .OBJ, .DAE, .AMF
  • Screen: Non-touchscreen, Dial operated
  • Power Requirements: 12V, 72W
  • Firmware Type: Marlin
  • Software Provided: Cura
  • Net Weight: 6.4 kg

Customer Reviews of the Anycubic Mega Zero

A user who purchased this Simple Anycubic Mega Zero used it to make individual defensive gear for human services suppliers. He already had experience with other 3D printers, so he had some related knowledge. But this printer as it is positively constructed, helped him with great segments.

One of the user who had knowledge about 3D printing, bought this Anycubic Mega. He was astonished at the list of capabilities of this model at this cost.

It is great that Anycubic has posted the detailed video of how to assemble the Anycubic Mega Zero. Even though the manual is as simple, doing it while watching a video saves the time.

Some people complained that it is difficult to get response from technical support. In any case, they are providing extraordinary assistance to each one of the people who address them. There might be an issue of time as time zones are different in several countries.


The Anycubic Mega Zero is a 3D printer that I would recommend to people who are first entering the 3D printing field, or for people looking to add another cheaper 3D printer to their arsenal.

It has high quality prints along with other useful features that will give you successful prints and ease of use along the way, all for an affordable price.

You’re getting some great customer service, though it can take a little extra time for a response depending on your timezone, but you can be sure they will assist you as good as they can.

When you get a 3D printer for this price, you can’t expect the most up-to-date features, but one thing you are getting is a solid 3D printer.

There aren’t any genuine drawbacks that would prevent anybody from purchasing this machine, and when you understand how serious the cost is, it’s a simple decision to make.

Get yourself an Anycubic Mega Zero from Amazon today or get it from Banggood.

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