How to 3D Print a Drone – Kit & Frame

Drones are now more popular than ever, with many applications ranging from racing, videography, and agriculture to security. While drones were once exclusively the domain of large manufacturers, 3D printing has evened out the playing field of creating these amazing flying machines. To 3D print a drone, you want to find a good drone model…


How to 3D Print Cosplay – Armor, Helmets & More

Quality cosplay outfits used to be something limited to talented visual artists, or at least to those with enough money to hire them. Now, thanks to commercial 3D printers, that barrier has been broken down! To 3D print Cosplay, you’ll want to choose your desired model which you can usually find on Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory….

10 Best Free Commercial Use STL Files – Free to Sell

3D printing presents lots of ways for creators to make money. Most people often print models for sale and sell successfully, even making a living from home doing it. However, if you’re selling 3D printed models of a creator’s designs, you need to confirm that the model is licensed for commercial purposes. This is why…


12 Ways How to Fix Resin Print Peeling From the Build Plate

Poor build plate adhesion is probably the worst issue in resin 3D printing, but print peeling from the build plate is even uglier. Since this problem is faced by many users, especially when printing large objects, I have decided to write down the possible solutions to fix this. To fix resin print peeling from the…