1. “Step 6. Next, launch the firmware in your Arduino IDE using the Marlin.ino file in the folder.”

    ….I’ve checked every folder, and I have no such file? I even triple-checked your screenshots in this tutorial and found no mention of a Marlin.ino? Am I just missing something? Do I have to download something else?

    1. Hi, my apologies, I realized that the article said to download Marlin but the link in there was pointing to a version which was within the main folder of Marlin. That folder didn’t have the file. You want to redownload the Marlin folder, but on this page – https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin rather than on the specific version. I’ve edited the article to this new link. After that, you’ll find the Marlin.ino file in the folder titled “Marlin”.

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