1. I ran both the hotend and bed autotune several times. First with 3 cycles, and then again with 10 cycles. I did not use the PID values from each autotune, I just wrote them down. All of the autotune results are different each time. How do you know which one to use? Why is there such a difference in values between subsequent runs? The heated bed was way far off. PID starting at 198.96, 38.8, 680.25. Then jumping up to (10 cycles) 278.35, 42.89, 1204.32! Those aren’t typos. So how do you decide which to use? Should we get it to the point that all the autotunes comes out with roughly the same values each time? Thanks for the guide! Great job!

    1. Hey Nathan, thanks for the words about the guide, glad it helped. In terms of your issue, it could be down to a few things. It could be a hardware issue with your thermistor and bed wiring for any issues. You want to make sure the environment is consistent while running these. It’s normal to see variation but these are very significant differences. You can also try 3D printing with a few values and see what performs best. Check that your firmware is updated as well.

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