Which Places Fix & Repair 3D Printers? Repair Costs

For people that are having issues with their 3D printer and just can’t manage to fix it, they wonder which places can fix and repair 3D printers, as well as the costs. This article will answer some of these key questions and provide information to get you more up-to-date with repairs.

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Which Places Fix 3D Printers? Repair Services

1. LA 3D Printer Repair

LA 3D Printer Repair service providers are based in Los Angeles, California, United States. They have a team with experience in troubleshooting, and fixing issues in almost all brands and models of 3D printers.

They offer support where a dedicated operator will listen to the issue you are having with a 3D printer and will guide you to fix it at home.

They also offer shipping services which means that you can send your 3D printer to them, then they will fix it and will ship it back to you along with the necessary documentation to make things easier for you. Just go to their website, reach out to them, and drop the details about your 3D printer.

A user shared his experience with LA 3D printers repair stating that they gave them a call and an operator helped them out. The operator guided them to troubleshoot the issues and tell them that they made some mistakes while assembling the 3D printer.

The operator offered to stay on the call and help them assemble the Prusa 3D printer from the beginning and surprisingly all without charging a single penny.

However, they sent the printer so that LA 3D Printer Repair can fix all issues by themselves, and they charged a flat fee while upgrading the printer to a standard Prusa i3 Mk3S.

2. Makerspace Community

Makerspace is a great option if you can find a group or even a single person in your hometown or the city. Just message them and seek permission to take your 3D printer to them and they will help you out as much as they can.

If they help you without charging anything, it is recommended to compensate them with a pack of soda or at least coffee.

One user recommended searching “Makerspace Near Me” on Google or looking for a local Makerspace community center and if someone is willing to help, you are good to go.

Another user suggested contacting Charlotte Makerspace as they can help out. Even if they aren’t near you, they will have access to a network that may refer you to good repair service.

One guy said that he has a good experience with maker spaces as there are a lot of people who do 3D printing around Freeside Atlanta.

3. Hackerspace

Hackerspace is a community page where various people have enrolled themselves on the list. You can contact a person who is near you and ask for help.


4. Prusa Research/Prusa World Map

You can take a look at the PrusaPrinters World Map as there will be orange markers that indicate a person or an expert that is willing to help in different aspects of Prusa 3D printing issues. Even if you use a 3D printer other than Prusa, you should give it a try as they know about other 3D printers as well.

One user also suggested visiting the Reddit Prusa3D forum, uploading each issue in separate posts, adding photos, and explaining the problem. There will be people willing to guide you through repairs.

In a nutshell, there are quite a few 3D printer repair services in the world.

In some cases, users recommend that you sell your 3D printer if there are significant problems since the expenses of delivery, repair may not be worth the cost. There should be some kind of electronics place that may have experience fixing 3D printers, so I’d recommend looking for something local.

Another user said that you should fix your 3D printers by yourself because of costs.

Let’s say you have a broken stepper motor that needs replacement. The motor itself will cost you about $15 but the repairing cost might be around $30 which means that you have already spent almost 1/4th the price of an entry-level 3D printer.

He recommended the following resources to seek help in case you have a faulty 3D printer.

How Much Do 3D Printers Repair Cost?

It varies from region to region but a service provider can charge about $30 for the diagnosis of 3D printers while the repairing fee is around $35 per hour, on average. The cost of replacing parts and equipment and shipping charges will also be added to the final bill.

It depends on the service provider as well. For example, MakerTree 3D Printer Repair charges average prices while the LA 3D Printer Repair is quite expensive as their cost are:

  • $150 to Tune Up Stock 3D Printer
  • $175 to Tune Up Modified/Upgraded 3D Printer
  • $250 for Assembling Prusa Mk3S+
  • $100 for Assembling Prusa Mini
  • They will also charge $25-$100 more in a few situations such as if your 3D printer has multiple extruders or you have a 3D printer with a big volume.

These prices are really expensive compared to the price of the 3D printer itself. In many cases, it will be cheaper to learn how to fix the problem with some online help with tutorials, or to find a local electronics store that has some experience with 3D printers.

Does Geek Squad Repair 3D Printers?

Geek Squad does repair 3D printers and it was one of the first to provide 3D printer repair services. They have a physical center in some places where you can bring your 3D printer for repair. You can also schedule an appointment through online means for diagnosis on the same day, then repair afterwards by experts.

One user mentioned that you should go for some other repair service provider instead of Geek Squad as they can be too costly and some of their centers just send the 3D printers to some other repair service provider instead of fixing it by themselves.

It’s a good idea to read customer reviews before you delivery your 3D printer to any repair center.

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