5 of the Strongest 3D Printer Resins? Some Great Options to Use

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The days of weak 3D printer resin are over, especially as more people flock towards SLA 3D printing as their primary technology. It’s very possible to get strong 3D printer resins now, so I decided to write an article that can guide you on choosing some good options.

This article is going to have options which 3D printer users go to when they need strong, functional resin 3D prints. Let’s get straight into it..

1. Siraya Tech Tenacious Flexible Resin

If you want resin that has flexibility, strength, and impact resistance, Siraya Tech Tenacious Flexible Resin is very suitable for you.

The reason why this one makes the list of one of the stronger resins is because of its mechanical properties which assist in the strength category and not breaking so easily.

Its manufacturers and users claim that a thin object printed with this resin can bend up to 180 degrees without showing any signs of breakage while the large and thick 3D prints have great strength, durability, and resilience.

It comes in a transparent yellow light color, this combination of transparency and color makes it easy for the user to check the internal structure of the 3D model and dye the print.

One of the best things about this resin is how it mixes so well with other resins to give it flexible properties, rather than solely using the flexible resin. A 50/50 mix of this resin with another is a great combination for increasing part durability.

A user even went the extra mile and rode over a 3D printed resin piece with their car, just to show how impact-resistant it is, and it actually came out in one piece.

This resin can bring amazing results if used to print 3D models in your chosen SLA 3D printer. Since this resin contains a high amount of polymers in it, it is recommended by the manufacturers to print at a high temperature, above 25°C.

Although the resin is flexible, it doesn’t actually come out as rubbery, and more like a soft plastic.

If you are tired of printing those brittle resin 3D prints, jump onboard with this high quality resin.

Check out the Siraya Tech Tenacious Flexible Resin on Amazon today for a new level of flexibility and strength.

2. Siraya Tech Blu Strong Resin

Another really strong resin, also from Siraya Tech is the Blu Strong & Precise High Resolution Resin which you can easily find on Amazon.

When we talk about performing under harsh conditions and extreme stress, this resin should do really well due to its unique tough and strong mechanical properties.

It is considered the most suitable option to print functional 3D models that require strength yet some flexibility to perform their functions. Blu resin ensures that all different factors are balanced including strength and hardness to get better results.

Users love just how smooth the surfaces are, as well as the high resolution of the resin prints.

The resin was initially formulated for the LCD 3D printers but can work for DLP 3D printers as well.

The video below showcases just how functional this resin is.

Finding resins that can actually withstand impacts and force is pretty difficult, with resin being known to be pretty brittle, where even a little drop can break a model.

With this resin on the market, you can rest assured that your 3D printed objects are durable and won’t break easily from normal use. You can even opt-in to use this resin for functional objects that require load-bearing strength.

Its strength can be estimated with the results of this test that a hook printed with Siraya Tech Blu Strong Resin was able to lift 20KG of weight without any issues.

The resin is ideally used at a temperature of 25°C or above to get a smooth finish and high-resolution prints.

Similar to the flexible resin above, this works really well when you mix it with other resins out there, a great combination being a 50/50 mix with this and Anycubic Low-Odor Eco UV Resin.

Check out the Siraya Tech Blu Strong Resin on Amazon today to get the strong and flexible resin 3D prints.

3. eSUN ABS-Like Hard Tough Resin

The eSUN ABS-Like Hard-Tough Resin is another great candidate for a very strong material for your SLA 3D printers.

  • Has a hardness rating of 75-81D
  • High impact resistance
  • Great wear resistance
  • Amazing for mechanical and functional parts
  • Contains polyurethane acrylate monomers to help reduce shrinkage and improve dimensional accuracy
  • Comes very safely packaged.

Parts aren’t brittle like your usual resins out there, and come with a little flex, but still being stiff overall.

Customers love just how tough and accurate the prints come out, while not shrinking or curling off the build plate.

In a nutshell, it is one of the strongest resins out there and considered a favorable option when it comes to printing 3D models that require hardness, durability, toughness, and perfection, all in a single model.

This resin is compatible and works flawlessly with most LCD 3D printers.

The volume of shrinkage during the curing process is reduced because the resin contains polyurethane acrylate monomers, this factor results in 3D printed models with high precision and perfect smooth finish.

With its rapid properties, it allows the 3D printer to print models quickly, improving the print speed, and eventually reducing the curing time.

Its hard and tough properties provide good adhesion of the print to the build plate and allow you to detach the model easily after completion.

This resin has been specially created and designed for LED light source 3D printers to provide the best quality results, so you can rapidly cure prints with ease.

The models printed with this resin will have a very clear and brilliant color effect because of its high-quality pigments.

Check out the eSUN ABS-Like Hard Tough Resin on Amazon today to get the resin 3D prints of high toughness and strength.

4. Peopoly Moai Tough Resin

Peopoly Moai Tough Resin is a great option for people who want to print 3D models that can withstand extra wear and tear.

You can get this resin in a wide range of colors as it can be used in a variety of applications especially in engineering, dental, and jewelry applications

Most of the resins out there that are used for SLA 3D printers can bring the best quality prints with perfect details and finish, but they usually lack high strength and inferiority.

Printing your models with Peopoly Moai Tough Resin should allow you to get the best quality and tensile strength at the same time. It remains a bit soft during the printing process and may need additional supports and high temperature.

While the 3D print is submerged in the water container, this resin usually requires at least 30 minutes of UV light post-curing process. The more you cure the print, the tougher, stronger, and durable it will be.

I wrote an article about How to Cure Resin 3D Prints in Water so definitely check that out to improve the strength and quality of your models.

Check out the Peopoly Moai Tough Resin today to get the resin 3D prints of high toughness and strength.

5. Liqcreate Tough-X Resin

This amazing resin is designed to be compatible with all the UV resin LCD and DLP 3D Printers within wavelengths of 385nm to 405nm range. It is an engineer-grade photopolymer resin that comes in a black opaque color.

You are sure to be satisfied with the unmatched strength, high impact and chemical resistance, as well as its impressive mechanical properties.

It is considered one of the best options when it comes to printing types of strong end-products such as industrial spare parts, functional models, weight lifting hooks, and many other heavy-duty products.

The Liqcreate Tough-X Resin has 150% elongation properties making it worth buying to get robust, persistent, and high-performance 3D prints.

It is recommended that you shake the bottle well before using the resin and letting it rest for up to 10 minutes after shaking it properly, this will allow the air bubbles to escape the bottle.

This resin can also be poured back into the bottle, but you have to make sure that there are no cured resin residues left behind in the resin as they can cause issues with the next prints.

Make sure you wear nitrile gloves and other safety equipment while working with the resin.

Check out the Liqcreate Tough-X Resin today to get the resin 3D prints of high toughness and strength.

Premium Tough Resins

If the resins above don’t satisfy you, though they most likely will, you have even more options out there.

One really great place I found where you can get some serious resins is the iMakr High Strength Resin website.

The cool thing is how you can filter the resins out by “Type”, consisting of:

  • High-Strength
  • Flexible
  • Dental
  • Castable
  • Biocompatible
  • High Resolution
  • Ceramic Resin & more

Although they pack some serious strength and quality, you are going to have to foot the premium bill that comes with it.

An example is the EnvisionTEC E-RigidForm Resin for strong, hard and stiff parts, which work great for prototypes and end-use. 1kg of this resin costs over $300 and that is tax excluded!

It does have a Hardness Shore D of 87 and 120-126 MPa flexural strength.

How to Make Resin Prints Stronger

One of the best ways to make resin 3D prints stronger is to increase your exposure times. Resin prints that have more exposure tend to come out stronger. You can also use a lower layer height to increase strength, but you’ll want to use a lower exposure time to account for the lesser amount of resin being cured.

Many people discovered that you can actually add a flexible or tough resin along with your standard resin to increase the strength of your resin 3D prints. You only need to add in around 3 parts of standard resin to 1 part of flexible or tough resin.

This means you’ll have a 75% and 25% split between these two different resins.

Check out the video below by Monocure 3D for a great explanation of some of these tips to make resin prints more durable.


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