Simple Creality LD-006 Review – Worth Buying or Not?

Creality LD-006 Resin 3D Printer Review - 3D Printerly

In recent times, there has been much activity when it comes to resin 3D printers and manufacturing them. Creality have stepped their game up by introducing the Creality LD-006 4K Resin 3D Printer.

The tag line of this product is “Unleash your creativity – Open up new possibilities” which is a catchy, and promising phrase that users can look towards for improving their 3D printing experience.

There is some pretty stiff competition out there when it comes to resin 3D printing, but Creality are very well-known for holding their weight.

This article is going to look to review the Creality LD-006 machine by looking at the features, benefits, downsides, specifications, and more, so stay tuned if you have some interest in this device.

Features of the Creality LD-006

  • 8.9in 4K Monochrome Screen
  • Rapid Printing
  • Larger Print Size
  • Directional UV Matrix Light Source
  • Stable Dual linear Guide Rails
  • 4.3″ Color Touchscreen
  • Built-In Air Purification System
  • New Convenient Vat Design
  • Custom Punched Release Film
  • Hassle-Free Leveling
  • Sanded Aluminum Build Platform

8.9in 4K Monochrome Screen

The modern types of screens you’ll start to see in resin 3D printers is the 4K monochrome screen, known to have a significantly higher lifetime than standard color screens.

They are said to have a service life of up to 2,000 hours which is 4x higher than color screens. On top of this, you also have an amazing resolution of 3840 * 2400 dpi, ensuring the top level of detail and precision in your models.

You can start to put those lower quality blurs and grains that you may see in resin prints behind you, and say welcome to high quality models.

There is an XY axis precision of 0.05mm as well.

Rapid Printing

Single layer curing times are significantly reduced with the monochrome screen, giving single-layer exposure times of 1-4 seconds. Compared to the older 2K screens, this is a large improvement, in quality and time reductions for printing.

This makes a big difference for those larger 3D printers that are tall on the Z-axis. Since 3D printing is known as rapid prototyping, these increases in speed are always welcome!

You’re getting maximum print speeds of up to 60mm/h, which is competitive to some of the best large resin 3D printers out there.

Larger Print Size

The print size for resin 3D printers has always been known to be inferior compared to FDM 3D printers, but things are definitely catching up. The print size for the LD-006 is 192 x 120 x 250mm.

This is quite a long way away from a budget 3D printer like the Ender 3, which is 220 x 220 x 250mm, but it’s getting a lot closer, when you compare it to older resin 3D printers like the Photon Zero that houses a 115 x 65 x 155mm build volume.

Bigger is usually better with 3D printing, so you can really appreciate these size increases as more modern resin 3D printers get manufactured.

You have much more freedom for taking on those larger projects, and you can always split big models into separate pieces and stick them together after for some real size.

Directional UV Matrix Light Source

The light system is one of the main components for a solid resin 3D printer, so knowing Creality have put in a modern matrix light source is appreciated.

They have a matrix light source with a minimum angle of 2°, a quartz LED, and ultraviolet radiation for top level print quality.

Stable Dual linear Guide Rails

With such a large 3D printer, you need stability for the best quality, so Creality made sure to install some high quality dual linear guide rails with a T-rod for serious precision and a smoother surface.

It is said to provide 35%+ more stability than a single Z-axis rail. Some larger resin 3D printers who stuck with those single rails have been known to deliver less quality, so this is a great upgrade for your print output.

4.3″ Color Touchscreen

The touchscreen is one of the best looking screens I’ve seen in larger resin 3D printers, giving a futuristic and clean design to it. You’re getting high resolution and a better user experience with this feature.

Built-In Air Purification System

Resin can pretty smelly, especially with the lower quality stuff, so the dual-fan cooling system is a great feature for a resin 3D printer. The LD-006 also has active carbon filtering to provide an odor-free user experience.

Many resin 3D printers still don’t incorporate this air filtering system into their design. When you have a resin 3D printer, this is a great addition to minimize those odors that can quickly spread.

New Convenient Vat Design

I really like the new design for the resin vat because they thought this one out to solve issues that people have. The standard resin vat sometimes misses out having a liquid level meter to ensure resin doesn’t spill over.

The LD-006 has a clear, indented level within the resin vat to show you where you should fill the resin up to. This is easy to be looked over, but once you realize how much resin has been spilled with beginners, you’ll see the purpose of it.

The main upgrade that Creality put in is the vat stands. These are great for protecting the release FEP film underneath from being scratched or contaminated.

Custom Punched Release Film

Replacing your FEP film has been known to be a tedious task with some 3D printers, so having a customized quick-replacement design is ideal. Creality say you can realistically change your release film in just 3 minutes with the screws.

Simple and quick is always better!

Hassle-Free Leveling

Creality made sure to implement some of the latest technologies in the leveling structure, which is hassle-free even for beginners.

It’s a very simple system that you don’t need to constantly tinker with, and once it’s set, you should have a really sturdy build platform plenty of time.

This is much different to your standard FDM printers which can require bed leveling after every 5 prints or so.

Sanded Build Platform with Aluminum Body

The CNC-processed aluminum body and sanded stainless steel curing platform leaves you with you much better first layer adhesion. Since resin is a liquid, getting the best adhesion can be difficult in some cases.

With a sanded build platform, it allows the cured resin to build a stronger bond to the surface, so it sticks down better throughout the printing process.

Benefits of the Creality LD-006

  • Large build volume
  • Quick layer curing times
  • Stable printing experience due to dual linear axis
  • Great precision and detail in 3D prints
  • Durable and reliable machine that should produce consistent quality
  • Monochrome screen means you can print without replacing the LCD for 2,000+ hours
  • Easy operation with the responsive touchscreen
  • Great air filtration to help reduce those strong resin odors

Downsides of the Creality LD-006

  • No built-in WiFi or Ethernet connectivity
  • Fairly pricey but good value overall

Specifications of the Creality LD-006

  • Build Volume: 192 x 115 x 250mm
  • Machine Size: 325 x 290 x 500mm
  • Max. Printing Speed: 60mm/h
  • Exposure Times: 1-4s per layer
  • Display: 4.3″ Touch Screen
  • Material: 405nm UV Resin
  • Platform Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Machine Weight: 14.3Kg
  • XY Axis Precision: 0.05mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.01 – 0.1mm (10-100 microns)
  • LCD Resolution: 3840 * 2400
  • Resin Vat: Metal

Verdict – Creality LD-006 Worth Buying or Not?

The Creality LD-006 is a resin 3D printer you can put your faith in, being created after many of the larger resin 3D printers out there. They had enough information to put all the best features into one 3D printer, ensuring you have the best experience.

As most people already know, Creality is a company that has a long track record in producing some amazing machines over the years, and this one won’t be any different.

Get yourself the Creality LD-006 Resin 3D Printer.

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