Simple Anycubic Chiron Review – Worth Buying or Not?

Anycubic Chiron Review - 3DPrinterly

The Anycubic Chiron is a large FDM 3D printer with a huge build area of 400 x 400 x 450 mm. With the Anycubic Chiron it is easy to set it up and start working, which is ideal for any user out there.

I think one of the main points of this 3D printer is its reasonable value, making it a perfect 3D printer for specialists, as well as beginners just setting their feet into the 3D printing world.

The Chiron is furnished with a solitary extruder module portrayed by a limited way, which permits printing with adaptable materials.

The filament run-out sensor monitors material to use while the full-shading TFT contact screen encourages print the executives and activity.

The quick warming Ultrabase Pro bed is the printer executioner highlight. It guarantees ideal print bonds while encouraging print evacuation once cooled off.

Creators, instructors, and hobbyists have been utilizing it to deliver a wide arrangement of 3D models, including toys, end-client apparatuses, and functional parts. read on to discover more about the Anycubic Chiron.

Features of the Anycubic Chiron

  • Huge Build Volume
  • Semi-Auto Leveling
  • High Quality Extruder
  • Dual Z Axis Switches
  • Filament Run-Out Detection
  • Technical Support

Huge Build Volume

It has huge build volume of 15.75” x 15.75” x 17.72”(400 x 400 x 450mm). Everyone wants to get more space for whatever they are working be it, your professional work or your hobby. The more the space for creation, the better you can create for years to come.

Semi-Auto Leveling

This is a feature that many can appreciate. Having a huge 3D printer in the first place has its own challenges, but setting them up for printing shouldn’t be one of them.

Anycubic made sure to work on their convenience, so it has a feature that automatically detects 25 points, while supporting real-time adjustments.

It also adjusts real-time nozzle height. A little thing you have to look for is to make sure auto-leveling mode contacts well with the printer, as they have upgraded the wire too for better connection.

High Quality Extruder

It contains high quality extruder which is compatible with several filaments. It will provide you the better printing experience with flexible filament, which many 3D printers in this price range don’t offer you.

Dual Z Axis Switches

It has dual Z axis switches so its photoelectric limit switch offers you the more stable levelness of the print bed. Your prints will not get messy if your print bed is stable. Print quality and stability are important, so this is a nice feature to add to that.

Filament Run-Out Detection

Sometimes we misjudge how much filament we have left for a print, which is where the filament run-out detection feature comes in. Rather than your print head continuing to move without extruding filament, the Anycubic Chiron detects that no filament is coming out and automatically pauses the 3D printer.

Once you change over your spool of filament, you can easily resume printing and save yourself several hours and a good amount of filament.

Technical Support

Getting a quick response from companies when you run into an issue is ideal in any situation, so the technical support you receive from Anycubic is just that. They run a lifetime technical assistance service along with a 24-hour response.

In terms of the warranty on the printer, this runs for 1 year after sale which is more than enough time to fix any manufacturer defaults, and these are pretty rare for Anycubic.

They also have a growing user community where they are sharing their successes and trials on Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube, which will be kind of handy for beginners even for seasoned users too.

Benefits of the Anycubic Chiron

  • It is being offered in quite good and affordable price
  • Its semi-leveling feature has made it easier to use
  • Its print bed, which is Ultrabase pro, is just spectacular
  • It has fast heating bad which gets hot easily
  • You’re getting high quality prints
  • Very large build surface compared to most 3D printers out there

Downsides of the Anycubic Chiron

Introducing an immediate drive extruder or even only a superior Bowden extruder is one of the principal redesigns clients think about creation to the Chiron. That is on the grounds that the stock extruder is not exactly perfect for delayed use.

It normally experiences difficulty taking care of fiber reliably, battles with withdrawal, and even has some free parts. This is a basic yet generally costly redesign that cuts down the general estimation of the printer.

The semi-automatic leveling approach that the Anycubic Chiron uses doesn’t actually make the leveling process much easier, because it doesn’t take into account the measured levels properly.

It still takes manual effort from you to input values. The good thing though is once you level the 3D printer properly, which can take around an hour, you won’t have to level it again, unless you move the 3D printer.


  • Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Assembly: Semi-assembled
  • Print area: 400 x 400 x 450 mm
  • Printer size: 651 x 612 x 720 mm
  • Extruder type: Single
  • Nozzle size: 0.4 mm
  • Max. Z-axis resolution: 0.05 / 50 microns
  • Max. print speed: 100 mm/s
  • Printer weight: 15 kg
  • Power input: 24V
  • Bed leveling: Fully automatic
  • Connectivity: SD card and USB cable
  • Display: Touch screen
  • Max extruder temperature: 500°F / 260°C
  • Max heated bed temperature: 212°F / 100°C

Customer Reviews

Usually the annoying thing about 3D printers is the leveling of bed, but with Anycubic Chiron it is much simpler and easier.

A user bought it to print large nylon parts and has to print them quickly, this Anycubic Chiron 3D printer saved him, as it provides the prints in short time even though they are large.

One of the users who wanted to buy a good quality printer in low price finds it as perfect as it can be. He was surprised at its abilities, as it provides good quality prints in such a low price.

A great sign of a 3D printer’s ability is how long it can run for consistently for one single print. Someone actually managed to run a 120-hour 3D print, which is a straight five days without issues.

Many 3D printers would have had some type of failure, layer skip or malfunction that would ruin several hours of printing time and a lot of filament. Anycubic take pride in their 3D printer quality, so it’s definitely a top-class 3D printer.


The Anycubic Chiron goes where scarcely any other buyer printers have gone previously. It is amazingly huge and it is genuinely equipped for most types or large 3D printing projects.

You need large prints, you got them with the Chiron, but you are also getting precision. The extruder could be better, however all mechanics, power supplies, warming and cooling-components all function admirably out of the box.

I think considering the features of this 3D printer, it could be a little cheaper, but overall you’re getting a pretty solid machine.

It’s a perfect 3D printer to go for if you are after a large-scale 3D printer for under $1,000. Get yourself the Anycubic Chiron today from Amazon.

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