Best 3D Printer Accessories

3D printers have many parts that come together to make the machine work in all its glory. Many of these parts are changeable and can be upgraded as you see fit. Some parts just need replacing over time, so I’ve put some of my most recommended accessories in this article.

Filament Storage Containers

This can be easily overlooked as an accessory. When filaments aren’t maintained properly, it can cause breakage, clogging, reduced layer adhesion and so on. This is easily fixed by keeping your filaments in a moisture-free environment.

Lock & Lock Round Storage Container – 2.5L Clear

A good choice for a storage box is the Lock & Lock Round Storage Container – 2.5L which is 100% airtight. I’d also recommend putting a sachet of silica gel to absorb any moisture in the container.

SUNLU Dry Box – 3D Printer Filament Storage Box

If you are a real 3D printer enthusiast, I’d recommend this awesome premium storage box called the SUNLU Dry Box which  has great reviews on Amazon. It is a multi-functional filament storage box that keeps your filament dry plus much more.

Features include:

  • Can dry your filament at a specified temperature
  • High temperature and durability
  • Heating and rotating at a constant temperature, so you can 3D print at the same time
  • Dehumidifying various filaments, especially moisture sensitive ones
  • Lightweight, professional and fast to use

If you are someone who 3D prints all the time, this product will pay for itself overtime, by reducing how many prints fail, saving you money and time. It’s great to use with filaments that are prone to moisture such as PETG.

Auto Bed Levelling Sensor

The 3DTouch sensor is an easily applied sensor which allows you to configure your print bed to the correct level. With this, you can stop worrying about how your first layer turns out. These are pretty expensive but can save you a lot of hassle in the future.


  • Alarm LED blink when problems are detected on testing or operation
  • High precision that can measure the tilt of the bed surface
  • Works on any kind of print bed material such as glass, wood, metal etc.

You’ll need to purchase the sensor which is compatible to your specific 3D printer:

The BLTouch sensor will work with any printer as long as you know how to wire it, which you can find YouTube guides for. Your control board needs to have spare pins for the PWM servo pin option and a Z end stop.

Keep in mind that the wire for this is quite short, so you may need an extender to fit it depending on what printer you have. 

3D Printer Nozzles

Nozzles are important to any 3D printer and having one of higher quality will make a difference to your prints. A lot of times the stock nozzle that your 3D printer comes with isn’t the best quality and can cause issues with layer adhesion and accuracy.

I recommend the SIQUK 22-Piece Nozzle Set, made of high quality brass material, sturdy and durable, connects with M6 threads, and it’s easy to install.

The package includes:

22 Pcs. MK8 nozzles in 7 sizes, 2 x 0.2mm, 2 x 0.3mm, 10 x 0.4mm, 2 x 0.5mm, 2 x 0.6mm, 2 x 0.8mm, 2 x 1.0mm compatible with 1.75mm filament.

Some people report that it doesn’t work too well with the Prusa I3 because the stock nozzle differs quite a bit compared to this nozzle, so I’d steer clear if you have this printer.

3D Printer Springs

These SIQUK Compression Springs (16 Pack) have great benefits to 3D printers by keeping the print bed more level, essential for quality prints. There are cheaper ones out there but I wouldn’t sacrifice on the quality of these springs because they won’t do the job as well. You’re also getting great customer service in return, which is important when it comes to 3D printers.

They are compatible with most 3D printers and helps you not have to level out your print bed as often as usual. It should take roughly 5 minutes to install these.

You may have to reposition your z axis end stop after installation as the print bed will be slightly raised, but after that you should be good.

3D Printer Bed

Having the right print bed can make a world of a difference on your printing success. A big player in the 3D printer bed space is the magnetic beds. I recommend the ERYONE Flexible and Magnetic Printing Surface. Available in three different sizes, this is a highly rated printer bed.


  • Sticks down first layers perfectly
  • Flexible, easy to remove prints after finished
  • Really easy to install
  • Very stable and won’t move during prints

3D prints sticking to beds are a common issue in the 3D printing community and actually getting your finished prints off the print bed so this is a solution to both of these issues. It can set you back so many hours and wasted money on filaments, to this is a real investment to combat this.

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