Simple Qidi Tech X-Pro Review – Worth Buying or Not?

The Qidi Tech X-Pro is a high-rated staple machine that is equipped with plenty useful features that many current users love. It’s especially a leading 3D printer in the engineering, education, design/home and hobby printing space.

Everyone can appreciate a quiet printer that’s easy to use, and is made of high quality parts. The X-Pro answers the many desires that people strive for in a 3D printer, all at a very competitive price.

This review of the Qidi Tech X-Pro (Amazon) will highlight the key features, benefits as well as downsides, specifications, and what current customers are actually saying after purchasing the machine.

Keep reading for a useful, yet simple review of this 3D printer.

The video below is a nice visual of what the X-Pro looks and performs like.

Let’s kick it off with the features.

Features of Qidi Tech X-Pro

  • 4.3-Inch Touchscreen
  • Exclusive & Fast Customer Support
  • Aviation-Grade Aluminum Build Platform
  • Magnetic and Removable Print Bed Plate
  • Upgraded Metal Support Rod & Other Parts
  • Wide Filament Compatibility
  • High Precision, 50 Micron Resolution
  • Dual Extruder Assembly
  • Power Off Resume Function
  • Qidi Print Slicing Software
  • Fully Assembled Enclosed Machine
  • Consistent Cooling
  • Professional, Compact Look

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4.3-Inch Touchscreen

Since upgrading my own Ender 3 to a touchscreen interface, I can’t recommend a 3D printer with a touchscreen enough! The cleaner interface, the easier operation, it’s definitely a feature that you can appreciate, especially since it’s a machine you’ll have for many years.

Using the dial on the Ender 3 wasn’t the most ideal, and in some cases I ended up starting the wrong print due to the slight overlap that can occur with these systems.

Not only are you getting easier operation, but during the whole printing process, you are given real-time printing status in a clearer, modern look. The touchscreen is more intuitive, precise and just makes your 3D printing journey that little bit better.

Exclusive & Fast Customer Support

Everyone loves speedy, reliable customer service and Qidi pride themselves on being helpful to their consumer base. If you experience problems with your Qidi Tech X-Pro (Amazon), you can either contact their customer service team, or head over to the official Facebook group.

Aviation-Grade Aluminum Build Platform & Removable Bed

The Qidi printer has a 6mm aluminum build platform, then ontop of that, the magnetic and removable print bed. You can comfortably heat your build platform to 120°C, helping you to print with many advanced filament.

The removable and flexible metal plate is a great addition to the Qidi Tech X Pro because you can remove your models a lot easier compared to other 3D printers out there. Convenience is worth plenty!

Strong magnets are used to keep the print bed steady and in the right place during the printing process.

The print bed has gone through plenty of quality tests and the results show that the bed provides a nice adhesion to almost all types of filament.

Upgraded Metal Support Rod & Other Parts

Qidi have been manufacturing high quality 3D printers for over 6 years, so they know what things to upgrade to ensure top quality. They upgraded their metal platform support rod to 12mm, along with upgrading parts like the motor, main board, and mechanical structure.

These upgrades are key in their amazing printing stability and precision when it comes to 3D printing your desired parts and projects.

Dual Extruder Assembly

The best thing about Qidi Tech X-Pro (Amazon) is its dual extrusion system. It allows you to print with the two colors at the same time without changing the spool. The printer is capable of printing with different materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG, etc.

You can really get some amazing looking prints mixing two colors together in the same print. It really expands your capbilities compared to most 3D printers which are single extruders.

Another great thing that users implement with a dual extruder is using one material as the main print, and another one as the support material which can be dissolved afterwards.

A common support material used in this fashion is HIPS, because it is water-soluble and fairly alright to print with.

Power Off Resume Function

If you are buying a 3D printer today, it has to have the power off resume function. This is a feature which saves the last location of a print if it unexpectedly turns off. Rather than having to start your print from the beginning, your 3D printer will resume the last print.

I’ve been saved occasionally with this feature and it works really well, saving time, filament, and potential frustration!

Qidi Print Slicing Software

The QIDI Tech latest generation of slicer software is constantly improving, and the 5.0 version has been redone with a new user-interface. It’s popular with users because it is a lot easier to operate and get the hang of.

You can check the latest version here.

Claims have been made that the software slicing algorithm can change and progress the quality of the prints by 30% and the rolling speed by 20%.

The Qidi Print slicing software has a unique auto slice function based on your time and quality preferences. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of and use.

It can also compatible with simplify 3D software perfectly.

Fully Assembled Enclosed Machine

Having a 3D printer that is not only fully assembled, but also enclosed is a massive bonus. Most 3D printers require assembling the parts, where instructions aren’t clear and parts sometimes missing.

The Qidi Tech X-Pro avoids these altogether, and not only that, it is an enclosed 3D printer which works wonders for improving the quality of certain materials out there, especially ABS & Nylon.

Many people strive to build an enclosure for their open 3D printers after purchasing it, and it can be difficult to build or just expensive to get a professional solution, so why not get one with it already done for you?

The printer is enclosed with see-through panels that help to keep a constant temperature and provide you with a print of much higher quality. It also improves the safety aspect of 3D printing, significantly decreasing the risk of burns.

Consistent Cooling

The printer has four sides blowing turbofan to provide better and consistent cooling. The fan blows air from all four sides encircling the nozzle. This guarantees a consistent cooling allowing the filament to solidify quickly.

This is the part of the printer that is not attached to it, you have to set it up with the machine by yourself. You can easily get the job done with the help of an online tutorial.

Professional, Compact Look

If you are tired of the printers that occupy a large part of your room or the table then you should go for Qidi Tech X-Pro. This is a compact printer that can fit in a relatively small space at a corner of your table.

It will look good in your room and will not deliver a messy look to your environment. The printer doesn’t have any loose cables unlike many 3D printers out there, thus this will not cause unecessary problems.

To provide ease to its users, the manufacturers have mounted the filament spool outside of the machine at the top of the printer.

Benefits of Qidi Tech X-Pro

  • It is easy to set up as it is fully assembled
  • The company provides a well experienced and responsive technical support team.
  • Low maintenance 3D printer, perfect for hobbyists
  • The device offers no harm to the ecosystem
  • Specifically customized and easy to understand and use the software
  • Supports multiple and special, mostly used filaments such as PLA, ABS, PETG, and TPU.
  • If the printer faces a power outage, it will start the printing process from the exact point where it was stopped.
  • The printer will shut down automatically once the printing process is completed.
  • A highly recommended machine at an affordable price
  • The printer is compact and provides an appealing, graceful look.
  • Can be easily purchased from Amazon with a guaranteed fast and safe delivery.

Downsides of Qidi Tech X-Pro

Honestly speaking, there aren’t too many significant downsides for this 3D printer, but I’ll talk about a few.

First downside for me is the relatively small build volume. Back when it was first released, a 230 x 150 x 150mm print area was really good, but now that time has gone by, it’s on the smaller side, yet still very usable for most projects you’ll encounter.

The next one has to be that it implements a manual bed leveling system rather than an automatic one. Although, leveling isn’t needed too often especially since it is an enclosed 3D printer and doesn’t experience being put out of level from movement.

Automatic bed leveling would be nice, but for the price, you can’t complain too much.

Unlike the Qidi Tech counterparts, the X-Pro has a single Z-axis platform support. The X-Max and X-Plus have dual Z-axis support, but they are a lot more premium than this model.

Another downside is not having a filament sensor, so it would be harder to know when your filament is ending, and when it does, your print will continue to the end without actually extruding filament.

It’s happened to me, but I did improvise!

Rasta Pig - Filament Run Out Function - 3D Printerly

That’s the pig that comes on the SD card with the Ender 3 and an upside down ‘Cute Mini Octopus‘ from Thingiverse.

Although the printer covers widely used filament there is only a limited list of printing materials that can be used for printing with a Qidi Tech X-Pro.

I think the last downside here would be that the cooling fan needs to be assembled by yourself as it comes separately with the machine, which isn’t too much of an issue considering the rest is assembled for you.

Specifications of Qidi Tech X-Pro

  • Display Type: LCD Touch Screen
  • Technology: Fused Deposition Molding (FDM)
  • Print Area/Build Volume: 230 x 150 x 150mm
  • Print Precision: X/Y/Z 10/10/< 1 micron
  • Hot Bed Temperature: 120°C
  • Max Extruder Temperature: 250°C
  • Extruder Type: Dual
  • Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
  • Layer Height: 50-400 microns
  • Printer Chamber: Completely Enclosed
  • Parts or Assembly: Fully Assembled
  • Printer’s Frame: Aluminum
  • Printing Speed: 60 to 150mm/s
  • Feeder System: Direct Drive
  • Print Recovery: Yes/Available
  • Mechanical Arrangement: Cartesian XY-Head
  • Filament Printing Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Print Bed: Heated Aluminum Bed
  • Print Bed Plate: Magnetic, Removable
  • Bed Leveling System: Assisted Manual Calibration
  • External Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi

Customer Reviews about Qidi Tech X-Pro

Customer reviews are great for this product and almost every buyer is happy because this printer has met their requirements at a relatively affordable price.

Most of the buyers have said that at the time of ordering they were a bit confused about the product but when they received the product and unboxed it they were happy with its charming look and the top quality prints.

They have found the interface and design of the software much easier as compared to the other 3D printers they have used before.

People say that this is one of the printers that come with great extras such as a glue stick, an in-depth user manual, a bed leveling card, and some other useful tools.

One of the users said that timing predictions on Qidi Tech X-Pro printers are far more accurate than many of the printers. They said that they had their best printing experience.

One of the customers said that his printer got a minor problem because of some technical reasons. He contacted the technical support team, and they responded with a detailed contact via email and offered their best to get the problem resolved.

Verdict – Worth Buying or Not?

The best things about this 3D printer in my opinion is the dual extruder system and the fully-enclosed, fully-assembled features. You don’t get all these features and professionalism with many 3D printers out there.

After reviewing the features, specs, benefits, downsides and what current owners of the Qidi Tech X-Pro are saying, I would definitely say its a 3D printer worthy of buying and having beside you for a great 3D printing experience.

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