OVERTURE PLA Filament Review

As someone who 3D printer, you will most likely know Polylactic Acid as PLA—a raw material used to create 3D parts. PLA is one of the most popular 3D printing materials around.

There are several 3D filament brands out there, all trying to manufacture high quality filament so you have something good to print with. One company that has been on people’s radar for some time is OVERTURE PLA Filament, found on Amazon.

If you’ve been in the 3D printing field for some time, you most likely would have heard of it, but not know just how good their quality standards hold up in the filament manufacturing side of things.

You’ll be happy to know that this quick OVERTURE PLA filament review will try to guide you in the right direction to let you know just how good this filament is.


Let’s get straight into the benefits of OVERTURE PLA and why people enjoy using it so much:

  • It is affordable

  • Easy to print with because of lower printing settings

  • Standard PLA is completely biodegradable and doesn’t need a heated bed
  • Less likely to warp compared to other materials

  • It is non-toxic and does not emit any unpleasant fumes during the printing process

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with good support systems to clear up any issues

OVERTURE PLA Filament Features

These PLA filaments are made of premium PLA material (Polylactic Acid), which has a lower melting temperature, even does not need a heated bed, eco-friendly and safe, with no odor during the printing.

  • OVERTURE PLA Filament comes with a free quality 200 x 200mm build surface (with grid layout)

  • Side of the packaging has filament weight and length guides to show how much you have left
  • This PLA filament is known to be bubble-free, clog-free and tangle-free

  • OVERTURE makes sure to fully dry each spool of filament before they package it and send it to you

  • Compatible with most 3D printers out there

  • These features almost guarantee you a stable and smooth printing experience not found in some other 3D printing materials on the market.

There is not much you can describe when talking about a filament brand, but one thing you should always look for is their reputation as a company. OVERTURE has been operating for some time now, enough to get them a great spot in the Amazon’s Best Seller Rank for ‘3D Printing Filament’ (#4 at time of writing)


  • Recommended Nozzle Temperature – 190°C – 220°C (374℉- 428℉)
  • Heated Bed Temp:  25°C – 60°C (77℉~ 140℉)
  • Filament Diameter and Tolerance: 1.75 mm +/- 0.05mm
  • Filament Net Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

The current deal comes with 2 spools of filament and 2 build surfaces to match.


OVERTURE PLA Filament Customer Reviews

I think it’s important to find out what most other people who purchase OVERTURE PLA filament are saying about their experience with it. You have plenty of Amazon reviews (2,000+) full of people dishing out praise and enjoyment for the quality of filament they received.


Here are the positive reviews about the Overture PLA filament:

  • Works very well right of the bat and doesn’t require major tuning to get great prints
  • Many people who begin using Overture filament quickly convert from their last brand due to quality and price
  • It’s very similar to ‘Amazon Basics’ filament which works very well, but even better
  • The free build plate sheet is an amazing add-on which makes buyers happy
  • Smooth, unobstructed extrusion is what you can expect with Overture filament
  • Described by some as the best cheap filament by far!


  • Some PLA colors might not come out as well as others, blue comes out very nicely
  • There has been events where warp and adhesion issues have arisen, but very unlikely and maybe due to individual 3D printer

Final Verdict

According to 72% reviews on Amazon, the product is a staggering 5 out of 5 stars in ratings. OVERTURE PLA filament is worth its price and very useful for 3D printing. The product is easy to use and environment friendly so you can use PLA knowing it doesn’t have a big negative impact on the environment.

I would recommend purchasing OVERTURE PLA Filament from Amazon, not just because you get the free build surface, but because their quality is very high, and they also take care of their reputation through good customer service

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