Simple Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit Review – Worth Buying or Not?

Direct drive extruders are growing in popularity compared to the standard Bowden setup; I believe it is mainly because of our advancement in technology. People are more comfortable with it, so the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit is one to be watched.

Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder is a drop in system for CR10 / Ender Printers. No modification required, simple plug and play, no printed brackets or sandwiches.

A direct drive 3D printer extruder is a very popular and common type of extruder. It is an ideal type of extruder that many people wish for after using a Bowden extruder for so long.

The ratings for it are pretty high with people saying plenty good about it, so let’s have a look into the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder, and whether it is worth purchasing for your 3D printer.

Micro Swiss – Direct Drive + Hot End — Best Upgrade Yet ! from ender3

Features of the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit

  • Dual drive train
  • Hardened tool steel, CNC precision cut gears
  • Adjustable filament grip
  • Easy filament loading
  • Short, highly constrained filament path
  • Light-weight aluminum body
  • Grade 5 titanium alloy heatbreak
  • wide range filament compatibility

Dual Drive Train Extruder

Enhance the performance of your Creality 3D printer with the Micro Swiss Dual Drive Extruder. As the name suggests, it grips material on both sides with two drive gears.

Featuring a dual drive system with hardened steel drive gears, you will have a flawless experience printing anything from PLA to flexible filaments like TPU.

Hardened Tool Steel, CNC Precision Cut Gears

With hardened steel drive gears coupled with CNC machined teeth for maximum grip, you can seamlessly print with high temperature materials like Polycarbonate and Nylon with utmost precision and accuracy.

Adjustable Filament Grip

The Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder comes with an adjustable filament grip. An adjustable filament grip aids in easy filament loading making your finished product look clean cut and crisp.

Easy Filament Loading

This Direct Drive Extruder makes filament loading a hassle-free task. Direct Drive extruders are popularly known to support a wide variety of thermoplastic materials. With its hardened steel gears and sharp features, you can load your desired filament in a simple and efficient manner without taking too much time.

Short, Highly Constrained Filament Path

In the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder, we see that the filament path is short and constrained. This feature is designed to help you avoid bending and clogging of the filament making your job fuss-free and efficient.

Given the smaller distance, extrusion and retraction commands are more immediate, thus creating a more stable material deposition.

Light-Weight Aluminum Body

The body of this extruder is designed in such a way that it weighs light without compromising on its quality and features. This high quality extruder kit is made of stainless steel and plastic, durable and wear resistant.

Extremely easy to set up owing to its light, aluminum build, it is designed to provide you with a smooth and seamless experience.

Grade 5 Titanium Alloy Heatbreak

This feature provides 3x lower thermal conductivity compared to stainless steel, so you have amazing thermal isolation between the cooling block and the heater.

It’s a necessary step for the best separation of heat transfer, reducing issues like heat creep – when heat travels back up into the PTFE tubing and melts the filament where it shouldn’t be melted.

Wide Range Filament Compatibility

The all-metal hotend kit gives you some serious power, allowing you to 3D print with some of the best high-temperature materials out there. You can 3D print Nylon, Polycarbonate, ASA, Polypropylene, PETG, and plenty more.

You can also easily upgrade your nozzle into a hardened steel nozzle, so you can 3D print abrasive filaments like Carbon Fiber, NylonX, Glow-in-the-Dark filament, Wood-Fill and so on.

Benefits of the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit

  • Excellent print quality
  • Fixes previous clogging issues, even with flexible filament like TPU
  • Robust build and mechanism for long term durability and use
  • Doesn’t require many changes for installation and is pretty straightforward
  • Outstanding extrusion control
  • Supports wide variety of materials including Polycarbonate and Nylon
  • Optimal for flexible and high-temperature filaments
  • High speed and accuracy

In terms of the benefit for Direct Drive extruders themselves, they have a great ability of lowering the latency between the turning of the extruder, and the filament flowing through the nozzle.

With your typical Bowden setup, you have a lot of travel space between the tip of the nozzle and where the extruder is turning the filament.

This space results in more friction from the filament pathway, leading to more potential printing issues, especially with filaments like TPU which is flexible. Although a Capricorn PTFE tube has a tighter filament pathway, which prints TPU better, it isn’t the top of the class.

Direct Drive extruders come out on top. Having less filament moving between the extruder and nozzle also means that you don’t need as much power from the motor.

You also should get cleaner print quality around your perimeter too.

Downsides of the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit

  • Instructions for adjusting the X, Y offsets aren’t too clear, but the other instructions are good
  • More weight on the gantry could affect the overall finish of the print.
  • Massive construction and heavy original motor
  • The forces acting during the movement cause slight imperfections.
  • Home offsets need resetting from time to time
  • Direct Drive has added weight on the print head and leads to X-axis sag which may require a lower printing speed, though prints are faster due to fewer retractions.
  • Assembly can take some time, with one user saying it took about an hour, then another hour to properly tune it. Others have had a much easier time with installation though.

You can find the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit Settings & Calibration Guide here.

A good starting point for retractions is 1.5mm at 35mm/s, printing at 10°C higher than your usual temperature, and setting an e-steps value of 130. They tell you to then fine tune by adjusting the extrusion/flow rate multiplier in your slicer.

What Comes in the Box with the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit?

  • Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend (if ordered with Extruder + Hotend)
  • Main Extruder body
  • Extruder Lever
  • Spring Pin
  • Spring
  • Knob
  • Shoulder Pin
  • M5 30 Bolts
  • M5 Nylon Lock Nut
  • M5 Washer
  • Extension Cable
  • 2 x Gears
  • 2 x M5 20mm Nylon Patch Bolts
  • 3 x M3 Motor Mounting Screws
  • 2 x M3 Bolts
  • 2 x M3 Nuts
  • 5 x Zip Ties
  • Printed Bracket
  • Beveled Capricorn Liner

Micro Swiss All-Metal Hotend

  • Aluminum Cooling Block
  • Grade 5 Titanium Heat Break
  • Aluminum Heater Block
  • Brass Plated Wear Resistant MK8 .4mm Nozzle
  • Silicone Sock
  • Hardware kit

Customer Reviews of the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit

When looking at what customers are saying about the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder, you can see amazing reviews with some nitpicks here and there.

The extruder has gathered stellar reviews from around the globe with users saying how they don’t need to look any further now.

Several users stated excellent print quality as its star feature, along with speed and accuracy. Installation is straightforward and fuss free with incredible extrusion control.

A Direct Drive system allows a polished use of flexible filaments like TPU and abrasive filaments alike. Other exotic materials can also be reliably printed with Direct Drive extruders, and you will experience little to no problems.

A prominent advantage is the responsiveness that is inherent with direct configurations because of the location of the extruder relative to the hot end.

One user who installed the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder on their Ender 3 Pro to use TPU, and it is working wonders. They ended up getting just the extruder without the hotend, but wished they had got the hotend together!

Someone who tried printing a difficult part had a lot of trouble doing it with their stock extruder, but once they upgraded to the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder, the “problem part” printed perfectly, even with the same settings.

A couple of users stated that they could not easily load filament with the steppers engaged, making mid-print filaments tricky. One user also expressed his opinion to ensure good quality cooling in the set.

One user commented on re-adjusting X and Y positions (in configuration h) as the only drawback. You also need to possibly re-adjust your BLTouch probing if you have one as the setup can seem a little bit complicated.

Depending on your 3D printer, the weight of the metal extruder kit can cause imperfections at higher speeds.

The solution would be to set up a version of the kit with a much smaller and lighter pancake stepper with gear reduced, dual, extruder gears to cut back on the weight.

With a little more time, these smaller kinks and troubles will be worked out as Creality usually does!

Verdict – Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit Worth Buying?

To summarize, Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder makes for an excellent purchase with no need to look any further. It is optimal and best suited for those who want to print with flexible materials.

It’s definitely a well-respect, high quality extruder and hotend set that you can be proud of. Easy installation, excellent build and print quality, coupled with high speed and accuracy makes it a befitting choice for creators.

There aren’t many products out there that have been expertly engineered anymore, but this is one of those “one in a million” products.

It accomplishes everything that it sets out to do and it does so without any extra bloat, and with a great deal of thought given to every single feature to optimize the function of that feature.

Developed for an effortless 3D printing experience, this extruder is hands down the easiest upgrade for your Creality 3D printer. Efficient, effective, and succinct, the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder Kit is worth every penny.

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