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Flsun Q5 Review - 3DPrinterly

The Flsun Q5 is a delta-style 3D printer that has been gaining traction for many reasons, but mainly because of its speed and quality.

Flsun is an emerging printer brand in the market because of its high-quality printers which are definitely priced competitively for users looking to add a fresh 3D printer to their arsenal.

Over their 5 years of experience, not only have they improved their manufacturing and hardware durability, but have also introduced several interesting features in their new printers.

The Flsun Q5 (Amazon) is one of their masterpieces. This printer model comes with features like auto levelling and power recovery option at a very economical price. Delta 3D printers used to be a lot of tinkering, but the design has been refined with the user in mind.

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This printer is one of the best models by Flsun as it has nearly all the features which meet the demands of every purchaser.

In the article below, we will review this printer in detail. With our main aim being to highlight its specs and capabilities to you. Our elaborative approach will help you decide if this printer is a suitable option for you.


  • Lattice Platform
  • TFT Touch Screen
  • Auto Levelling System
  • Titan Extruder
  • Power Breaking Point Feature
  • 32-Bit Motherboard

Lattice Platform

The printer has a lattice platform which allows excellent improved adhesion. This makes the printer overall more durable. The lattice platform can withstand temperature up to 110°C.

TFT Touch Screen

Flsun Q5 printer has a very responsive and versatile touch screen. Overall, it is very easy to operate. It is full-colored as well as having a multi-language menu.

Auto Leveling System

Bed leveling is one of the important concerns when purchasing a printer. The printer has a delta design to it which enables self-calibration. It is completely automatic and you won’t have to stress over it every time you print.

You’ll be able to get some great first layers which is the foundation of each and every print. There is plenty of troubleshooting and issues that arise from bed leveling so this feature definitely makes a difference in your 3D printing journey.

Titan Extruder

The Titan extruder is of high quality and well-respected in the 3D printing community. Moreover, it ensures stability and durability which means you will be able to get high-quality prints. It can support many flexible filaments.

An extruder that can successfully print flexible filament is one that has great design features and really has the user in mind. You’re unlikely to run into troubleshooting issues with printing when you have a high quality extruder.

Power Breaking Point Feature

If for some reason you get a power outage your 3D printer can definitely save the day.

Once the power is restored, you can continue your printing where you left of. The printer will automatically save your work progress if there is any power shortage or outage. This is usually overlooked, but it’s a very useful feature.

32-Bit Motherboard

As compared to other printers with an 8-bit motherboard, this 32-bit Flsun Q5 is not only faster and more stable but also has a better overall performance. It gives you fewer limitations on upgrades and more processing power for your desires.

Benefits of the Flsun Q5

  • The printer is extremely easy to assemble and set up. The instructions are quite basic and an SD card comes along your package with a video tutorial.
  • There is no difficulty in fixing the nozzle or pre-heating, it produces prints without any query hence the printer is user-friendly overall. It is easy to use.
  • The 32-bit motherboard means better printing accuracy and a responsive machine in general
  • The printer allows high-speed printing and can produce decent size prints with the Φ200x200mm printing size
  • The power recovery option is quite useful as it gives an efficient printing experience
  • The package contains many spare counterparts in case you need them urgently
  • Loading filament is very simple and auto bed leveling is a very helpful feature too as you will not have to struggle to level the printing bed after every single use.


The printer’s bed levelling was found to be not so steady and reliable. Besides, if the printing speed was increased a bit more, the printing quality starts to get compromised and wasn’t good enough.

Some buyers found the hot end not fixed so properly which in result caused the filament to leak. The printer is also very noisy when it is printing. The overall design is not very sturdy and durable.

The earth wire on the PSU is red instead of being green as usual. This isn’t a great issue but it can be misleading especially for beginners.

Specifications of the Flsun Q5

  • Printing Technology: FDM
  • Printer Type: Delta 3D Printer
  • Leveling System: Auto-level
  • Extruder Quantity: One
  • Supported Filament Types: PLA, ABS, and PETG
  • Heated Bed: Support
  • Support: Resume from power loss
  • Voltage: 110 to 220V
  • Nozzle Diameter is: 0.4mm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.05-0.4mm
  • Printing Size: Φ200x200mm
  • Printing Speed: 30-300mm/s
  • Print Bed Temp: 110°C
  • Maximum Printing Speed: 150mm/s
  • Slice Software: Cura, Simplify3D
  • Power Supply: 200 Watts
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Net Weight: 17 pounds (7.71 kg)

What Comes with the FLSUN Q5 Printer?

  • The printer comes in a proper package with each component wrapped separately.
  • There is an instruction manual that gives us an elaborative review on how to assemble the whole machine.
  • A plastic bag containing several extra tools such as bolts, screws, a sample filament package, and also a clipper.
  • Spool holder and scraping knife are also included in the package.
  • The armature and legs come pre-assembled. Most of the hardware is already assembled. It takes about 25 minutes to get the process done.
  • Also, all the bolts are of the same size, hence it’s easy to set up.

Customer Reviews on the Flsun Q5

The printer has appreciation by most of its buyers mainly because of its powerful recovery option and its ultra-fast motherboard. The printer overall was easy to use and this is why many people invested in it.

It was also easy to assemble and did not require a lot of effort. Moreover, the auto levelling was a big hit among people who struggle with print bed levelling.

The lattice platform was quite impressive as it gave a great appearance and assistance to the user. In general, the customers gave a satisfactory review of the printer’s performance.

However, the printer at times was too noisy and caused a disturbance where it was working. The printing quality was just fine, though not very impressive or detailed.

One user who previous had the Ender 3 Pro as their main 3D printer went through tons of problems with the manual bed leveling feature. The auto-level feature of the Flsun on the other hand worked perfectly every time.

He has been putting the machine to use on a daily basis over a whole month and the print quality and operation has been very smooth.

The noise isn’t too bothersome, but the biggest criticism they could put down is that filament wasn’t very easy to feed through, which is a common problem you come across with 3D printers. He would definitely recommend it to friends and would buy it again.

Compared to the Ender 3, the Flsun is faster and quieter, but it does have a smaller build size which isn’t too much of a problem for most people.


Flsun Q5 is a great printer in general that offers several impressive features to its customers. Even though the printer is not very costly, it still manages to facilitate its user in the best way possible.

Moreover, these are not its only fascinating features. Flsun Q5 has a power recovery feature and is also capable of producing large prints. The printer is not only for professionals but because it’s so easy to use it can be a great option for beginners as well.

I think the speed and design of this 3D printer, along with the carefully thought out details really makes this machine a serious contender to purchase in the wide world of 3D printers.

You definitely won’t be disappointed having this 3D printer as your creation tool, so get your Flsun Q5 3D printer from Amazon today or from BangGood for cheaper.

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