Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-In-One Wash & Cure Review – Worth Buying or Not?

Resin 3D printing can get quite messy, and even complicated to beginners, so anything that helps simplify that process is welcome. The Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-In-One is a solution that is loved by thousands.

They identified a key problem and decided to reduce people’s frustration, and it works very well. I decided to write an article to take you through this device, so you can figure out if its something you want in your resin printing arsenal.

Several current users talk about how much time and resources they save with this machine, so I’d definitely take a serious look into it to see if this can also be you a few days down the line!

Keep on reading for a simple review which goes through the features, benefits, downsides, specifications, and what current customers are saying about it.

Features of the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1

  • Washing with Build Platform
  • 16 UV Curing Lamp Beads
  • 360° Rotating Turntable
  • Responsive Touchscreen & Control
  • Adjustable Bracket
  • Top Lid Detection Safety
  • Wide Range Compatibility

Washing with Build Platform

The Elegoo Mercury Plus (Amazon) comes with a pre-installed build plate holder for all the Elegoo Mars Resin 3D Printers. This allows the users to wash their printed model combined with the printing build platform.

Users are not required to remove the print from the build plate, and it effectively reduces the risk of getting in contact with the uncured resin and getting hurt.

Just mount the build platform with the adjustable platform bracket, you can adjust the height of the bracket to fill the bucket with the required level of the liquid. Now hang this bracket on top of the pillar and initiate the washing process.

16 UV Curing Lamp Beads

The station includes 8 units of 405nm and 8 units of 385nm UV curing lamp beads that ensure a fast and perfect curing process. It allows the UV to properly penetrate through UV resin with ease.

Larger and more complex models will need more time since there is more material to pass through.

360° Rotating Turntable

The machine comes with a turntable that rotates up to 360° to provide an evenly cured model. The turntable combined with these heavy-duty UV curing lights helps you finish your prints with a perfectly cured resultant 3D model.

The 360° rotating turntable works with UV light can make the models to be cured to your liking.

Responsive Touchscreen & Great Control

The responsive touchscreen allows for easy operation and great control over the machine, so you can perform the necessary tasks for your 3D prints.

There is a small TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD screen of about 0.96 inches located at the bottom of the machine which you can easily control and operate.

The different functions of the washing and curing machine are controlled through touch buttons.

Simply place your print model at the center of the rotating plate and set an appropriate time for curing. The screen will display the set time and the remaining time, it will also emit a beeping sound whenever the curing process is completed.

Adjustable Bracket

If you have removed your print model from the build plate, you can simply wash the model by placing it in the adjustable bracket platform in the model and hang the bracket on the pillar to start the cleaning process.

The washing station can work with a model up to 160mm in size. This feature allows the user to wash multiple prints at the same time.

Due to its adjustable nature, you don’t have to fill the bucket with IPA, where you can simply adjust the height of the platform bracket to for the lower liquid levels.

Top Lid Detection Safety

The curing station comes with a strong anti-UV acrylic lid that has the ability to block the harmful UV lights which is necessary for the safety of your eyes. It blocks a significant 99.95% of UV light with ease.

With its blocking features of high-intensity UV rays, the machine is programmed to stop the curing process immediately if the top lid is opened. This provides users with safety from harmful UV light and chemical sprays.

Wide Range Compatibility

The best thing about the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1 is how it doesn’t matter what resin 3D printer you have, as long as its an LCD, DLP or SLA machine, you’ll get great compatibility.

Even though it’s the Elegoo brand, you can successfully use it with Anycubic Photons, Creality resin printers and many more.

Benefits of the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1

  • Provides your models with a clean and firm surface
  • It is a 2-in-1 product which means that you don’t need to buy 2 separate devices
  • Provides better results and saves a lot of your time, effort, and cost as well.
  • Allows you to wash the print models and decrease the chances of getting into contact with uncured resin.
  • Ability to wash the model alone or combine it with the build platform as well.
  • Easily set different UV light frequencies that suit well to your 3D print, depending on the size, complexity, and resin color
  • Very quick curing for smaller models
  • Can save a lot of IPA by using the adjustable bracket
  • Even curing all around with the 360° rotating turntable
  • Compatible with most of the LCD, DLP, SLA 3D printers such as Elegoo Mars, Mars, Pro, Anycubic Photon, Photon S, etc.

Downsides of the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1

  • It isn’t the most ideal for models that are printed with water washable resin, rather wash that with running water
  • Only suitable for models within the size of 125 x 85 x 160mm.
  • The washing process can be fairly loud, especially when the motors are ramping up, but quietens after
  • The latches of the container feels kind of cheap, but it does seal very well
  • For some reason, the machine defaults to the curing mode even though you need to wash first so watch out for that.
  • Emits a loud sound during the washing process, beeping, and while pressing the buttons.

Specifications of the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1

  • Brand/Manufacturer: Elegoo
  • Color: Yellow
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Control Panel: Touch Button
  • Compatibility: LCD, DLP, SLA 3D Printers
  • Machine Type: Curing and Washing
  • Compatible Material: UV Resin
  • Max. Washing Model Size: 125 x 85 x 160mm
  • Max. Washing Model Size: 140φ x 165mm
  • Time Setting: 0 to 15 Minutes
  • UV Light: 405nm and 385nm
  • Input Voltage: 200V
  • Power: 48W
  • Assembly: Fully Assembled
  • Machine Frame Dimensions: (L) 200mm x (W) 200mm x (H) 352mm
  • Weight: 4.8 Kg (10.58 Lbs)

Customer Reviews of the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1

There are many customers that are happy and feel proud to own the Elegoo Mercury Plus, saying a lot of good things about the machine.

Most people start off with a separate washing solution such as a plastic container with isopropyl alcohol in there, along with a UV curing box, but this machine really changes the game for 3D printer users.

There are many benefits packed up into this one machine that make it very worthwhile, especially in the long-run after several resin 3D prints.

One user mentioned in his feedback that the unit worked extremely well in this respectable price range. The magnetic stirring during the washing process is extremely powerful, making sure you don’t get that tacky residue on your models.

He said that the LEDs are much brighter than the commonly used fluorescent lights, and they can work on different frequencies which is more than amazing.

Another reviewer said that his usage of IPA has been reduced to just 70% and there is far less residue left behind, leading to better quality overall.

The machine has provided ease because he can easily increase the washing time and can watch the set time and remaining time on the TFT screen.

With a rating of 4.7/5.0 at time of writing, you can’t go wrong with getting yourself the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-In-1 Machine from Amazon.

Although the intial cost is quite up there compared to other solutions, you’ll be gradually saving money and time as time progresses.

Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1 Review, Worth Buying, or Not?

Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1 Wash & Cure Station has a lot of powerful features, even though it is much cheaper compared to many other wash & cure stations such as the Anycubic Wash & Cure.

It has heavy-duty UV lamp beads with a power of 48W that can bring far better results when it comes to curing resin 3D models evenly.

With its various light frequencies, compatibility with different 3D printers, easy to use interface, top lid detection, and many other amazing features, it is worth spending $120 to get this efficient 2-in-1 washing and curing station.

Check out the Elegoo Mercury Plus on Amazon and up your 3D printing game today.

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