5 Best Flush Cutters for 3D Printing

Flush cutters are an important tool to have for 3D printing. They are small tools that help to trim excess filaments after a print, cut supports for models, and help with a clean cut of your filament before feeding it into your 3D printer.

The goal of a flush cutter is to have a clean cut that makes your prints look stunning. Finding the best flush cutter can be challenging with the options out there. That’s why I have looked into some of the best flush cutters users love so you can have your pick.

Read on about the best flush cutters to better understand them and learn which ones are available today on Amazon.

These are the five best flush cutters:

  1. IGAN-P6 Wire Flush Cutter
  2. HAKKO-CHP-170 Micro Cutter
  3. XURON Micro-Shear Flush Cutter 170-II
  4. BLEDS 8109 Flush Cutter
  5. BOENFU Wire Cutters Zip Tie Cutters Micro Flush Cutter

Let’s go through each of them below.

1.  IGAN-P6 Wire Flush Cutter

The IGAN P6 Flush Cutters are a popular choice amongst 3D printer hobbyists because of their affordability and quality.

It is made from chrome vanadium steel, which gives the IGAN P6 flush cutter the power to cut through plastic, aluminum, and copper. It measures up to 6 inches, with a long jaw making it ideal for precision angled cuts. You can get these in a pack of one, two, or five.

One user said the IGAN-P6 Flush cutter was strong and sharp enough to cut their plastic support. They also mentioned they use it to cut their filament before feeding it to the 3D printer and it does a good job.

Another user who had problems with the flush cutter that came with their 3D printer said this was sharper and felt like it might last longer.

A user who had issues with their former flush cutter said this flush cutter was the right size. They weren’t too big or too small for their work. They also commented they have an excellent grip for cutting plastic prints.

One user also said the IGAN P6 flush cutter has a great spring to keep them open. If you need them closed for storage, use a rubber band to hold the end of the handles.

Most users are happy with the flush and smooth finish, the sharp edge, and the pricing.

Find the IGAN-P6 Wire Flush Cutter from Amazon.

2.  HAKKO-CHP-170 Micro Cutter

The HAKKO-CHP-170 Micro Cutter is a brilliant choice for 3D printing. Its design is ideal for precise cuts, and it’s popular for its ease of use.

HAKKO-CHP-170 is made from heat-treated carbon steel, making it built for durability. It has an 8mm long angled jaw that allows for precise and clean cuts, and its Dolphin-style non-slip handgrip is excellent for comfort and control.

The manufacturers also coated its surface with a corrosion-preventing chemical to avoid rust.

One user who had issues with the handle cover of their previous flush cutters purchased this one. They said its grip felt good and made it easier to trim their prints.

Another user said the blades line up, and these cutters make clean cuts.

A user who purchased their third pair said they have comfortable handles that make cutting easier. They also said the springs are strong and do not overpower their user to the point of fatigue.

One user who used it to cut thick prints said it did the job but would not last. They said to use it for smaller prints and wires to get the best result.

Most users are satisfied with the HAKKO-CHP-170. They widely accept it as one of the best flush cutters for 3D printing.

Get yourself some HAKKO-CHP-170 Micro Cutter from Amazon.

3.  XURON Micro-Shear Flush Cutter 170-II

The XURON Mirco-Shear Flush Cutter is the perfect tool if you want a precise finish on your prints or models. Its small jaw makes it the ideal tool to get into those challenging areas to trim your prints. XURON Micro-Shear flush cutters are made of alloy steel, which makes them durable.

It also has a handle shaped to maximize your grip.

One user with a misaligned cutter said they could easily adjust it and that it cuts well. Another user said they were perfect for cleaning up their 3D prints and were great.

A user used the flush cutter on large prints and learned the hard way not to do that. They said they would not use it for large prints again.

One user said they had used a lot of flush cutters from China, but this was by far the best. Another user who built a Train model said it was the best tool for precision and detail cuts.

A user said it had a comfortable grip and could cut cleanly. They said the flush cutter got dull after a while; they sharpened it and said they could cut clean again.

Most users had praises for the XURON Micro Shear Flush cutter. Many said it is good value for money, and they were satisfied with the cuts and trims.

You can check out the XURON Micro-Shear Flush Cutter 170-II from Amazon.

4.  BLEDS 8109 Flush Cutter

The BLEDS 8109 Flush Cutter is another fine choice for 3D printing. The manufacturer made it from carbon steel hardened with high-frequency heat treatment, making them durable.

Its insulated handles make it comfortable to use, and its compact design makes it ideal for working in small spaces. It comes with a 3-month warranty.

You can purchase the BLEDS 8109 in a pack of one, two, and five.

One user said the handling was good, making it easier to grip. Another user praised the spring of the flush cutter. They said the spring was strong and of high quality, considering the price. They concluded with the words – it was a bargain.

A user said the flush cutter is sharp and cuts their PLA and ABS spool filament like butter. They also praised it for its precise and detailed cut. The user could also cut through tough brims and supports with ease.

One user who runs a hobbyist 3D printing store said this flush cutter is invaluable in their workspace because of its sharp cuts and easy-to-grip surface. Another 3D hobbyist said the cutters are of superior quality compared to other flush cutters of the same price.

Most users liked the grip of the BLEDS 8109 flush cutter. They also praised the spring and its price. Some users were also happy with the ability to cut in fine detail.

Check out the BLENDS 8109 Flush Cutter from Amazon.

5.  BOENFU Wire Cutters Zip Tie Cutters Micro Flush Cutter

The BOENFU Flush Cutter is another great choice in the market. Its long jaw makes it perfect for deep areas, and its carbon steel guarantees strength and durability. Its steel return spring makes for a comfortable hold and effortless cut for extended periods of cutting.

It also comes fitted with a non-slip hand grip with a curved fore-edge for comfort.

One user said the BOENFU Flush Cutter was an efficient and inexpensive way to trim off your 3D prints. Another user was so happy with the flush cutter’s performance, they purchased a new one as a spare and another as a gift for a friend.

A user purchased this to remove resin supports from their prints, and it worked well. They weren’t perfect, but good enough to get the job done with the price. The user also used the flush cutter to cut small 1mm plastic supports.

Most users are happy with the flush cutter, and one user said it grips well, snips clean, unobstructed, and sharp – which was an accurate summary for many users. Another popular move many users made was to buy the 2-pack offer. Many said it offered the best deal.

You can find the BOENFU Wire Cutters Zip Tie Cutters Micro Flush Cutters from Amazon.

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