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When it comes to resin 3D printing, there are so many brands and types of resin that you can make use of on your 3D printer, but which ones are the best? If this is a question you have been wondering yourself, this article is for you.

I decided to put together a list of some of the best resins out there that are backed by thousands of positive reviews from real users, as well as a few that I have used myself.

I really like the Anycubic Plant-Based Resin myself, but there are plenty more resins that you’ll also love. Some have properties which improve the curing times, while others have higher strength or special water-washable properties.

Whether you are looking for the best resin for an Elegoo Mars, Saturn, Anycubic Photon Mono X, EPAX X1 or another resin 3D printer, you’ll do very well with these below.

Let’s get into this list of the 7 best resins for your 3D printer for some excellent print quality and more.

1. Anycubic Plant-Based Resin

Anycubic is known as one of the best resin manufacturing brands in the 3D printing community. This is because it has great details in the resulting 3D prints and a high success rate.

Although there are plenty of resin types provided by Anycubic, Plant-Based resin is probably one of the best resins that come with little to no odor and offers high precision.

It is manufactured using soybean oil which not only makes it an eco-friendly resin but also provides ease in terms of cleaning and washing.

3D models printed using this resin can be easily cleaned with standard cleaning solutions such as isopropyl alcohol and Simple Green.

Other than that Anycubic Plant-Based Resin is free from BPA, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), or any other harmful chemicals. This factor makes it one of the safer resins used in 3D printing.

When it comes to print quality, this resin offers nothing but prints of impressive quality. Users say that they are extremely happy with its print quality and they don’t have to use any respirator to deal with its fumes.

The fumes are not that strong but I’d still recommend ventilation though an air purifier and having airflow.

This resin is popular for its sharp details, smooth finish, and overall quality of the prints and also, adhesion problems aren’t so common.

The users also have the options to choose from a wide range of colors, however, its gray shade is probably the most popular of 3D printer users, and I personally can see why. I’ve used plenty of this resin successfully, and the quality is great.

It’s highly valued by thousands of users, as shown in online reviews, and is very easy to use and remove from the build plate. It has been awarded Amazon’s Choice tag and its high quality, smoothness, and durability are greatly appreciated.

You will find plenty of positive reviews about the product on Amazon.

One of the most loved factors about Anycubic Plant-Based Resin is its property of low odor. One of the users said in his feedback that he has some allergic issues with resin smell but using this resin brought no issues.

Get your Anycubic Plant-Based Resin on Amazon today.

2. Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like Resin

Fast ABS Like Resin is developed by the Siraya Tech Team that aims to provide resin that is a full-fledged package of toughness, precision, and flexibility.

Because of its versatile mechanical and engineering properties, this resin is capable of being used in different types of 3D printing applications with little-to-no trouble.

In addition to its features of being a fast and easy to use resin, it is so strong that 3D printed models using this resin can withstand many accidents or drops without any hassle.

If you are looking for a 3D printing resin that has the ability to print in a fast manner, can be cleaned easily, cured rapidly, and can be bought at a relatively low price, Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like Resin is truly for you.

It is a versatile resin that can be used on different types of resin 3D printers ranging from SLA to LCD and DLP 3D printers.

This resin is not so smelly and can be used indoors without any hassle. You can print 3D models with great resolution and bright colors.

3D printer users find it difficult to choose resin for small prints or miniatures because they can be easily broken if dropped from a reasonable height.

Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like Resin could be a great choice for this purpose because of its strong properties.

There are hundreds of positive reviews about this resin on Amazon. Some users purchased this resin for a trial and it quickly became their favorite for all their 3D printing applications.

One of the buyers of this ABS-like resin has gone through 5 liters of this resin and is very happy with the results he’s been getting. Being able to stick with a reliable and practical brand of resin is the dream of many users.

Get your Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like Resin on Amazon today and print models of high quality with ease.

3. SUNLU Rapid Resin

SUNLU Rapid Resin is compatible with almost all types of LCD and DLP 3D printers. As its name implies, this resin can be a great option for fast printing as it reduces the curing and overall printing time to a great extent.

Its fast printing is not the only thing that makes it a go-to option. It’s advantage of providing consistent results is a basic reason behind its popularity.

There is an addition of something called Methacrylate monomers in this resin which has the ability to reduce volume shrinkage during the curing process.

This factor not only provides you with 3D printed models of high quality, but your prints come with a smooth finishing and fine details.

This resin has some excellent fluidity properties that combined with low viscosity, make it easy for the users to distinguish and separate the cured resin from the uncured one.

This will not only reduce your printing time but also improves print quality while increasing the success rate of prints.

Users recommend wearing gloves and eye protection while working with this resin. If you come in contact with the resin, rinse your skin with a lot of water and if it doesn’t help, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

You also want to avoid the sun if you have resin on you because the curing process produces heat.

Follow the directions and guidance provided by the manufacturer and your resin model should stick to the build plate firmly.

The first thing to do is make sure your build plate is properly leveled, and that your build plate isn’t warped.

Bottom layer time and other settings such as the raft should be calibrated properly because long bottom layer exposure times can lead into a situation where you may face difficulties while removing the print from the build platform.

Check out the amazing SUNLU Rapid Resin on Amazon today.

4. Elegoo Water Washable Resin

Elegoo Water Washable Resin is very different from the other resins in the fact that it can be washed with just water rather than alcohols and other cleaning solutions.

You don’t have to buy those expensive cleaning products, and instead you can make use of tap water or distilled water to clean up your 3D prints after the printing process.

The water used for the washing purpose should be disposed of properly, though. You try not to simply pour the water directly into the sink as it can be harmful to the environment.

Any uncured resin that mixes with another liquid should first be cured under direct sunlight or your UV light.

This will cure the resin in the water making it safe to be filtered out, then you can dispose of the water in the sink or anywhere without any issues.

You can print attractive and durable 3D prints using this resin as it can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from simple school projects to high-grade industrial models.

You don’t need any extra knowledge or skills to work with water washable resin as it is utilized and operated just like all the other 3D printing resins.

More accurate prints, precise details, good adhesion, and being fairly easy to remove from the build plate afterwards are some of the major features of this resin.

If you are looking for a resin that can allow you to print your imaginations into physical models, get yourself some Elegoo Water Washable Resin on Amazon today.

5. Siraya Tech Tenacious Impact-Resistant Resin

If you are looking for a resin that can offer flexibility, strength, and high impact resistance, Siraya Tech Tenacious High Impact Resin is the best option for you.

Experts and users claim that a thin object printed with this resin can be bent up to 180° without showing any signs of breakage. While the thick objects show extreme strength and durability.

This resin comes in a transparent light yellow color which makes it easy for the user to control and see the internal structure of the print and provides ease at the time of dyeing your model.

The user has the option to use it alone or mix it with other 3D printing resin. Make sure that other resin also works on a 405nm wavelength light source which is the standard for LCD and SLA 3D printers.

If you want to get the most out of this amazing resin, you should use a high-quality FEP film-based vat while using Siraya Tech Tenacious High Impact resin.

Talking about the strength of this resin, one of the users said in his review on Amazon that he printed a hook with this resin which can easily carry up to 55 pounds of weight, which is plenty!

The user drove his car over this 3D-printed resin part, but the model didn’t show any signs of breakage.

For a resin that has given many users top results consistently, go to Amazon and order yourself some Siraya Tech Tenacious High-Impact Resin today.

6. Nova3D Rapid Standard Resin

This photopolymer 3D printing resin is compatible with most of the DLP and LCD 3D printers currently present in the market.

This resin is specially designed to reduce volume shrinkage that is considered a big problem during the curing process. This thing ensures a 3D printed model of high quality with perfect precision and fine details.

The resin has a light odor and to some, is almost odorless due to its unique and improved chemical formula. It helps to keep your work area fresh and provides a more comfortable environment to print your designed 3D models.

With its high precision and low shrinkage, Nova3D Rapid Standard Resin not only provides a stable printing experience, but also brings a smooth, delicate finish with all minor to major details.

3D models printed with this resin remain in their original color for a long time providing a shiny bright color, as many users have mentioned.

Some users say that you should not cure or store transparent 3D prints in light for a long time though, as they may lose their charm and start giving a bit of yellowish shade.

With the post-curing process, you can wash models with 70-95% concentration of isopropyl alcohol. I have the Elegoo Mercury Wash & Cure (Amazon), and it makes washing & curing 3D prints, so much easier.

Nova3D resin usually comes with an instructions guide. Manufacturer recommended reading instructions at least once as handling resin could be messy sometimes and provided instructions will help you to get out of the problem in the best manner.

Get the Nova3D Rapid Standard Resin on Amazon today and start working on a wide range of 3D printing applications.

7. Siraya Tech Blu Strong Resin

Siraya Tech Blu is a well-known 3D printing resin that combines flexibility, high strength, and details. For this high degree of quality, you’ll have to pay a premium price compared to other resin – roughly $50 for 1Kg.

This resin can bring you awesome results in many 3D printing applications and generally considered as the number one resin to print miniatures or high-quality prints.

It is a great choice to print functional 3D models as it has excellent mechanical properties that have the ability to withstand forces without breaking as easily as many other resins in the market.

Siraya Tech Blu Strong Resin should be your first priority if you are looking for a resin that can provide you with a strong, high-quality print that is somewhat flexible as well.

Many users claim that they have used this resin with some inexpensive resin so that they can print models of high quality with perfect strength while saving some dollars as well.

Users generally think that this type of resin will take a lot of time for the curing process, but the reality is almost the opposite as a user said that curing time is a bit long but not that bad.

This resin is not only good for decorative or functional pats but for the model which needs high quality, details, and flexibility in one place.

Some people may find it difficult to print with Siraya Tech Blu String Resin but you can avoid such difficulties by mixing this resin with other 3D resins such as Siraya Tech Blu Clear V2 and Anycubic Plant-Based Resin.

Get your strong Siraya Tech Blu Strong Resin on Amazon today.

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