3D Printerly Writing Walkthroughs/Guides

This page is a simple resource to set you on the right path to writing in the 3D Printerly style.

Start off with the introduction video, then move onto either the Writing, Format & Research Guide (rough draft) or to the more in-depth 3D Printerly Training Phases videos (I’d recommend the in-depth videos).

This will give you a thorough understanding of how to produce high quality articles to the 3D Printerly Standard.

The formatting video (last phase) also talks about the 3D Printerly Checklist and how you can get yourself regular bonuses – the information is also pictured below on this page.

Introduction to 3D Printerly – Start Here

Writing, Format & Research Guide

This is a summary of a 3D Printerly article and how to go through it (draft version). I made a much better quality version with the 3D Printerly 3 Training Phases subtitles (Phase 1, 2 & 3) below, so it’s better to watch that.

Document in the video to download: 3D Printerly Writing, Format & Research Guide

3D Printerly Training – Phase 1 – Research

This will teach you how to research effectively, so you can write better articles and get to writing faster. It’s very important to get this right!

3D Printerly Training – Phase 2 – Writing

This is going through the writing portion of the training. Using a conversational tone, simple language, and explaining things well is important. This video has methods of getting words down quickly, especially if there is a product to talk about.

3D Printerly Training – Phase 3 – Formatting & Finalizing

Once you’ve done the research and writing, you want to go back through the article and format it nicely. This teaches you how to do that well. There is also more information in regards to learning about 3D printing quickly, and a table to show how much time to dedicate to the tasks.

3D Printerly Checklist & Bonuses

If you provide high quality articles that follow the 3D Printerly Standards and require little-to-no edits, you will be compensated well!

3D Printerly Article Checklist

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